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NFL Picks 12-31-2020

NFL Betting Picks: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

The NFC East is completely up for grabs heading into Week 17 of the NFL season. And while the Washington Football Team can lock up the division title on Sunday night, the winner of the game between the Giants and Cowboys will hold the division lead until then. The question is which of these sub-.500 […]

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TJ Calkins NFL Picks and Predictions
NFL Picks 12-11-2020

Week 14 NFL Picks – Picks and Predictions by TJ Calkins

Thanks for stopping back for the NFL Picks of Week 14. We now have clear site of playoff races in both conferences and can somewhat comfortably separate contenders from pretenders. I also have to offer apologies for the review piece from NFL Week 13 not coming out. When games are scheduled past Monday, it tightens […]

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Football 12-08-2020

The NFC East Winner – Dangerous in The Postseason

The NFC East has been dismal this season. After five weeks, there were only four wins among all four teams. Following the conclusion of Week Ten, the division had recorded only ten wins. It was safe to say that every team in the division was just flat out bad. Since someone from the division will […]

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Dallas Cowboys
Football 11-19-2020

Does Anyone Want To Win the NFC East?

Good things were supposed to happen in the NFC East this season. The Dallas Cowboys were favored to win with the Philadelphia Eagles not too far behind. Both even had decent odds to win the NFC and had a good shot at Super Bowl glory even. As for the Washington Football Team and New York […]

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