jazz vs knicks
Betting Picks 01-26-2021

Jazz vs Knicks Prediction

Jazz vs Knicks is an inter-conference Conference tilt between a high end Utah Jazz team and a middling New York Knicks team, that is at least a year away from relevance. Utah Jazz vs New York Knicks has been played over 100 times, with the split being essentially 50/50 for each team. The edge shifts from […]

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Nets vs Heat
Basketball 01-25-2021

Warriors vs Timberwolves Prediction

The Warriors vs Timberwolves is a Western Conference tilt between a middling Golden State Warriors team and a Minnesota Timberwolves team that is low end and going nowhere fast. Timberwolves vs Warriors has been played over 100 times, with the Warriors holding a moderate historical edge. The edge shifts from moderate to significant in recent […]

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NBA Friday Pick
NBA Picks 01-22-2021

Nuggets vs Suns Prediction

When the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns get together, the results are usually electric. Whether it be a regular season matchup or a postseason game, the Nuggets and Suns are two teams that are typically among the most exciting in the Western Conference and the NBA as a whole. With the Suns and Nuggets both […]

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March Madness
NBA Picks 01-14-2021

Raptors vs Hornets Prediction

The Raptors vs Hornets face off in an eastern conference matchup that is sure to bring heaps of fireworks. There is a ton of hype surrounding both the Raptors and Hornets and we are here to bring you top of the line betting picks and predictions for tonight’s game. These teams both have hopes to […]

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