Miami Dolphins

NFL draft 2021
Football 01-05-2021

Wildcard Weekend: Who Is Scoring the Most?

Big defensive plays do make for some pretty cool highlights, but they are not what sells. Fans want to see offense. They want to see big runs, one-handed catches, precision passing, and points on the board– especially during wildcard weekend This season, the league’s teams did not disappoint during the regular with a record 12,692 […]

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new england patriots
Football 11-19-2020

Time To Give Up On The New England Patriots?

Fans had two dominant feelings about the New England Patriots coming into the season. Those who were fans of the team were eager to see their team continue to thrive even though Tom Brady had left town. But fans of the 31 other NFL teams wanted to see the Brady-less Patriots fail. In their minds, […]

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tua tagovailoa
Football 11-14-2020

Can Tua Tagovailoa Still Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Some rookies are expected to play great from the start. Others fill a role, while some are brought along slowly before being inserted into the lineup. Before his injury, it is safe to say Tua Tagovailoa was one of those guys great things were expected of. But post-injury, people just wondered if he would ever […]

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Miami Dolphins
Football 10-21-2020

Miami Is Ready to Go All In On Tua Tagovailoa—Are You?

Usually, when a quarterback like Tua Tagovailoa gets drafted with the fifth pick, the team is expected to play him sooner rather than later. It does not matter if it would be better for him to sit on the bench and learn the NFL game first. We want to see if our favorite college superstars […]

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