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Football 01-23-2021

Now Is the Time To Bet On The Super Bowl MVP

This time of year is both great and sad for NFL fans. It is great because they will soon be able to watch four of the best teams in the league battle it out for a right to go to the Super Bowl– and then play in the  Super Bowl. If all goes well, that […]

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patrick mahomes
Football 01-09-2021

Who Is Going to be the Postseason Passing Champ?

Had Patrick Mahomes played in Week 17 for the Kansas City Chiefs, he would have been the regular-season passing champ. He did not, and Deshaun Watson was able to edge him out after having a big day against the Tennessee Titans. But could Mahomes be the postseason passing champ? He is the quarterback of the […]

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Green Bay Packers
Football 01-07-2021

Worth Betting On Someone Other Than Aaron Rodgers To Win MVP?

There have been a lot of names in the MVP conversation this year. Patrick Mahomes was at the top of the list or near the top for most of the season. Russell Wilson looked like a sure thing for a few weeks. There has even been talk about guys like Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and […]

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patrick mahomes
Football 12-19-2020

Patrick Mahomes No Longer A Lock For NFL MVP?

For much of the NFL’s 2020 regular season, it looked like Russell Wilson was finally going to win MVP. He was throwing touchdown passes at an incredible rate and had the Seattle Seahawks looking like a legitimate contender. But then he hit a rough patch, lost a few games, and his odds dropped. As a […]

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