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Football 01-21-2021

Can the NFC Break the AFC’s Hold On The Super Bowl?

It has not been hard to figure out who to bet on to win the Super Bowl in recent years. The exact team may not have always been easy to pinpoint early in the season. But it was possible to narrow it down to half of the NFL’s 32 teams—the AFC. For five of the […]

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NFL Picks 01-15-2021

Packers vs Rams Prediction

Packers vs Rams is a matchup between two teams that have both spent time at the top of the NFL hierarchy in their history. Both squads are known throughout their history for putting together offenses that are difficult to contain. And while these teams play in different divisions in the NFC, they have squared off […]

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los angeles rams
Football 01-12-2021

NFL Playoffs – Who Will Eliminate Each NFC Team?

The nice thing about the college football postseason is that teams other than the national champion can go home a winner. But that is not the case with the NFL Playoffs. It is a great accomplishment just to make the NFL playoffs. However, every team but one will end their season in defeat. If the […]

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Football 01-06-2021

Should You Bet on a No. 1 Seed to Win the Super Bowl?

The end goal of every team in the NFL is to play in and win the Super Bowl. But, along the way, there are other goals teams like to reach. There is the division title for one, but more importantly, there is the No. 1 seed in their respective conference. Why? Well, there are a […]

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