Cleveland Browns

patrick mahomes
NFL Picks 01-15-2021

Chiefs vs Browns Prediction

The participants in Chiefs vs Browns both have interesting roles in the history of the NFL. And their histories will cross paths when they face off in this AFC showdown. Cleveland is a franchise that hasn’t experienced the same level of success as most teams since their return to the league. But their opponents know […]

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kansas city chiefs
Football 01-12-2021

AFC Championship – Who Is Playing In It And Winning It?

Theoretically, the teams with the best records will win in the playoffs. In the AFC, that would mean the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the AFC Championship. They had the best record in the regular season and are the No. 1 seed in the AFC, after all. However, being the No. 1 seed […]

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NFL Betting
Football 01-06-2021

Could an AFC Wildcard Team Win It All?

Heading into Week 17, we had a good idea of what teams would make the playoffs (division winners and the AFC wildcard teams) and which ones would not. We already knew which teams from the AFC (and NFC) are likely to make a run. But favorites do not always win. It does not happen often, […]

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Baltimore Ravens
Football 12-23-2020

Baltimore Ravens Are Not A Lock To Make The Playoffs

With how Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens blew through the regular season last year, it was considered a given that they would be back in the chase this year as well. Why wouldn’t they be? Lamar Jackson should be better in his second full year as a starter. The defense is going to be […]

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