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Football 01-12-2021

AFC Championship – Who Is Playing In It And Winning It?

Theoretically, the teams with the best records will win in the playoffs. In the AFC, that would mean the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the AFC Championship. They had the best record in the regular season and are the No. 1 seed in the AFC, after all. However, being the No. 1 seed […]

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super bowl squares
Football 01-06-2021

Should You Bet on a No. 1 Seed to Win the Super Bowl?

The end goal of every team in the NFL is to play in and win the Super Bowl. But, along the way, there are other goals teams like to reach. There is the division title for one, but more importantly, there is the No. 1 seed in their respective conference. Why? Well, there are a […]

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NFL goal post
Football 01-05-2021

Wildcard Weekend: Who Is Scoring the Most?

Big defensive plays do make for some pretty cool highlights, but they are not what sells. Fans want to see offense. They want to see big runs, one-handed catches, precision passing, and points on the board– especially during wildcard weekend This season, the league’s teams did not disappoint during the regular with a record 12,692 […]

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