super bowl squares
Football 01-21-2021

Can the NFC Break the AFC’s Hold On The Super Bowl?

It has not been hard to figure out who to bet on to win the Super Bowl in recent years. The exact team may not have always been easy to pinpoint early in the season. But it was possible to narrow it down to half of the NFL’s 32 teams—the AFC. For five of the […]

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kansas city chiefs
Football 01-12-2021

AFC Championship – Who Is Playing In It And Winning It?

Theoretically, the teams with the best records will win in the playoffs. In the AFC, that would mean the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the AFC Championship. They had the best record in the regular season and are the No. 1 seed in the AFC, after all. However, being the No. 1 seed […]

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pittsburgh steelers
Football 12-31-2020

Should Faith Be Restored in the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked like a great team to bet on for the first three months of the season. Since they were winning the game, of course, it made sense to bet on them from week to week. But they also looked like a good bet to go undefeated, win the AFC North, the AFC, […]

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baltimore ravens
Football 11-12-2020

Time to Fade the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens looked like a great bet to win the AFC and possibly even the Super Bowl last season. With how they bulldozed their way through the competition after two early-season losses certainly made them look like a good bet. They did not do it to everyone, of course, but when a team beats […]

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