Suns vs Jazz Predictions

07 April 2021

Clippers vs Pelicans

Suns vs Jazz Pick: Suns +1.5

The Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz are both intriguing teams in the Western Conference this season, and in most seasons. In this Suns vs Jazz matchup, both teams will look to earn a statement victory over another high-quality club. In today’s NBA picks, we look at this matchup between the Jazz and Suns and deliver our best bet for this contest.

Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns Betting Pick

This game will be played at 10:00 PM ET at Talking Stick Resort Arena

Why bet the Suns:

✅ The Phoenix Suns should be able to take advantage of the slower defenders that the Utah Jazz will throw at them. Devin Booker should especially benefit from this, as he is likely to be guarded by Joe Ingles instead of Donovan Mitchell. If Devin Booker has a big game, the Suns should win here.

✅ While everyone has been focused on the season that the Utah Jazz has had, the Phoenix Suns are putting something special together as well. Phoenix is just 2.5 games back of the top seed in the Western Conference this regular season. And with an 18-8 home record, the Suns are performing better at home than the Jazz are on the road with their 16-10 record.

✅ DeAndre Ayton is a tough matchup for Rudy Gobert, as both players should be able to control the glass at different times in the game. Without a definitive advantage on the boards, the Jazz should struggle to maintain their usual stranglehold on this basketball game.

The Pick: Suns +1.5

General Info about Phoenix Suns vs Utah Jazz

What stars have played in Jazz vs Suns games?

There have been stars on both the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz during the history of this matchup. The Jazz have brought players like Karl Malone and John Stockton into action in this series. The Phoenix Suns, meanwhile, have had players like Charles Barkley and Chris Paul suit up against Utah during their history.

How often does Jazz vs Suns take place?

Jazz vs Suns is a matchup that takes place three to four times per year in the regular season, with the potential for more encounters in the playoffs. With both teams residing in the Western Conference, the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns get together more than they would if they were in opposite conferences in the NBA.

Who has the advantage heading into this game?

It is hard to tell who has an advantage heading into any game in the NBA. This is because last-minute injuries can derail even the best team’s chances at winning a game. The best way to tell who has the edge in this edition of Jazz vs Suns is to look at the injury report just before the start of their games to determine who is more healthy.

Jazz vs Suns Predictions

Predictions on Suns vs Jazz games run the gamut from picks on the outcome of the game to predictions on how individual players will perform. When making our predictions on this contest between the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz, we analyze the pertinent stats to make the best possible predictions. Among the most common predictions we make are those surrounding the most popular betting markets, including the spread, total and moneyline.

Suns vs Jazz Against the Spread Predictions

When picking Jazz vs Suns against the spread, it isn’t always enough to successfully predict who will win the game. With the point spread being factored in, bettors also have to determine the margin of victory in the contest in many cases. The point spread takes points away from the favorite or adds them to the underdog’s score. That means that the underdog may not even have to win in order to cover, and that winning might not be enough for the favorite to cover.

Utah Jazz vs Suns Over/Under Betting

In the over/under market, the number of points scored in a Jazz vs Suns game is the only thing that matters. Specifically, the goal is to figure out if the combined scoring for both teams will be over or under the amount that the sportsbook has listed for each individual matchup. Getting this right requires a deep knowledge of the stats of each team. While Jazz vs Suns always has the potential to be high scoring, the numbers could say otherwise depending on how high the total gets.

Phoenix Suns vs Jazz Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline betting market is one where bettors only have to pick the winner of a game between the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz. In the NBA, picking which team is going to come out on top can be tricky, as the level of play is usually high on both sides. But those who understand the matchups behind Suns vs Jazz games may be able to accurately pick the winner on a consistent basis in this series.

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Jazz vs Suns Odds

The odds for games between the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns are set using the stats for each team from the NBA season. But there are many other factors that go into setting the odds that should not be overlooked either. Things like injuries to key players and how each team is playing basketball recently can be more important to what the odds look like than full-season form.

Bettors must come into each game with the goal of getting the best possible odds on the markets they are betting. Doing so can maximize their profitability over a large sample size, meaning more money in a bettor’s pocket.

Live Streaming Suns vs Jazz

For bettors who want to watch the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz play, there is n shortage of live streaming options to choose from. Fans can watch the Suns and Jazz live on NBA League Pass, the official streaming service of the NBA, which carries games from around the league all season long. Games are also usually available on platforms like YouTube TV and Hulu.

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