Rockets vs Trail Blazers Predictions

May 10, 2021

Rockets vs Trail Blazers will face off in a western conference battle that features teams moving in opposite directions. The Trail Blazers will look to avoid the play-in portion of the playoffs. The Rockets on the other hand are looking for mercy in the completion of the season as they limp to the finish line. 

We’re here to bring you top of the line Trail Blazers vs Rockets predictions for both against the spread and over/under. Let’s dive right into how this game will go down and who will end up covering the spread.

Rockets vs Trail Blazers Betting Pick

The Pick: Trail Blazers -11.5

Why bet the Trail Blazers:

✅ The Trail Blazers have massive motivation to win out, even agaisnt a team as brutally broken as the Rockets. The Blazers have moved into the six seed in the West, which means they would avoid the play-in portion of the playoffs. Even in what appears to be a lopsided matchup, this factor should keep motivation high. 

✅ The Rockets are just a battered and broken mess to close out the season. They were truly in danger of not having enough players to dress for a game just last week. They are slightly healthier for this game, but not by much. Even if their questionable bigs are able to suit up, there is only replacement level talent in the backcourt. 

✅ The Rockets are locked into the worst record in the league. They have lost five straight and ultimately have lost 20 of their last 24 games. The Rockets have not won a road game at a top six Western Conference team this season, and that includes the period before the reshaping of the roster. 


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General Info about Rockets vs Trail Blazers

Where do the Houston Rockets play their home games?

The Rockets play their home games in the Toyota Center.

Where do the Portland Trail Blazers play their home games?

The Trail Blazers play their home games in the Moda Center.

Where can you watch Trail Blazers vs Rockets?

You can stream this game on NBA League Pass

Where can you bet on Rockets vs Trail Blazers?

USsportsbonus recommends BetMGM Sportsbook to get the best odds and betting options on the game.

Rockets vs Trail Blazers Predictions

The Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers is a matchup we’ve seen just over 200 times with the Rockets holding a comfortable advantage. These teams were incepted around the same time with the Rockets getting started in 1967 and the Blazers 1970.

These are two phenomenal historic teams with each of them going through their own dominant eras. The Rockets have recently been a bit better, but not in the head to head matchup. A lot of that has to do with the big guns on the Blazers side constantly getting hot in fast-paced affairs.

While the Rockets hold a solid all-time advantage, these teams are relatively even recently. There is plenty of firepower on both sides of the court and this is a game you will want to tune into. You know players have extra juice when the game is nationally televised.

Trail Blazers vs Rockets Against the Spread Predictions

When betting the Trail Blazers vs Rockets against the spread predictions, you must determine which team will win and by how many points. This can be a tough bet to make, but there’s a reason this is the top way to make bets in the NBA. You’re able to get even juice on both teams.

For example, let’s say the Rockets are favored by 3.5 points over the Trail Blazers. If you bet on the Rockets here, you’re asking them to win by four or more points. If you bet the Trail Blazers, you would need them to either win the game by any margin or lose by three or fewer points.

There are numerous factors to consider here, including any injuries and whether one team will be more fatigued than the other. These are crucial factors to consider as they can make or break the game. Make sure to check out our Rockets vs Trail Blazers against the spread predictions above as we will make sure to give you profitable picks.

Rockets vs Trail Blazers Over / Under Betting

When betting the Rockets vs Trail Blazers over/under, you must decide whether the two teams will combine for more or less than a certain amount of points. This number will be set by the sportsbooks, though it will certainly change as action pours in on both sides.

Let’s say the Trail Blazers vs Rockets over/under is set at 222.5. If you bet the over, you’re asking for the pair of teams to combine for 223 points or more. If you bet the under, you’re looking for the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers to combine for 222 or fewer points.

This can be a tough bet to make, but you can also get even money on both sides of this bet. It’s important to consider how fast each of the teams play as this will dictate whether the game is played fast or slow. The Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers both like to play relatively fast.

Rockets vs Trail Blazers Moneyline Predictions

The Rockets vs Trail Blazers moneyline predictions refer to picking the outright winner of this showdown. This removes any questions about a spread or over/under, which some folks don’t like to deal with. Either team can win this game and we’re here to do the hard work and research so you don’t have to.

The Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers have just about split their last 20 matchups, so don’t be surprised to see either of these teams win the game. We will be sure to give you our best Rockets vs Trail Blazers moneyline predictions above, on top of any leans on the over/under and spread.

Trail Blazers vs Rockets Odds

Odds in the NBA are ever-changing and move more the day of than any other sport. A lot of this has to do with the majority of news coming out the day of. Shootaround is around 10 in the morning with news slowly leaking out afterward. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled all day long for Rockets vs Trail Blazers news as it will surely come out.

This news and line movement can make or break your bet and your entire betting night. The Blazers vs Rockets is sure to be a great game and there will be injury news to come out close to game time. The Trail Blazers vs Rockets odds will move and whether you wait or lock your bet in can determine plenty.

Make sure to check out the Blazers vs Rockets against the spread and over/under predictions above as we will highlight our best bets in this game. It’s sure to be a great one on national TV.

Live Streaming Rockets vs Trail Blazers

The United States currently doesn’t offer any live streaming options for NBA games. With the legal landscape of sports betting under constant change, you can be sure this will change soon. We will be the first ones to let you know, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. 

Your current Rockets vs Trail Blazers live streaming options include the NBA League Pass as well as paid streaming sites. The best of which include YoutubeTV, FuboTV, and Hulu. Just make sure to include the NBA League Pass add-on as you’ll otherwise be missing out on most games.

TJ Calkins
TJ Calkins was raised in a gambling loving household. He knew how to handicap horse races and follow line movements well before his tenth birthday. While sports betting remained a passion into adulthood, poker and Daily Fantasy Sports also became passions and remain as such today.