Rockets vs Kings Prediction

March 9, 2021

Rockets vs Kings Pick: Kings -4.5

When Rockets vs Kings is on the schedule during the NBA season, fans can expect a good show. Historically, both teams have been among the more exciting in the NBA, playing games full of offensive firepower. In this Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings game, more exciting highlights can be expected. In this round of NBA picks, we look at this contest between the Rockets and Kings and give our best bet for what should be an entertaining matchup to watch.

Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings Betting Pick

The Pick: Sacramento Kings -4.5

This game will take place at 10:00 PM ET at Golden1 Center

Why bet the Kings:

✅ Rockets vs Kings is going to be a game replete with missing players on both sides due to injury and COVID protocol. But the absence of the Rockets’ best player in Christian Wood is certainly the most impactful heading into this game.

✅ While the Kings are criticized for their poor defense, the Rockets’ inept offense has them just one spot ahead of Sacramento in net rating this NBA season. And without Wood, the Houston offense is poised to struggle even more than usual.

✅ Neither team had any representatives in All-Star festivities. With the Kings having their key players healthy, that extra rest is going to benefit them more than it benefits the banged up Rockets at the top of their rotation.

General Info about Sacramento Kings vs Houston Rockets

Are Rockets vs Kings games high scoring?

In the history of both of these franchises, the Rockets and Kings have both had a tendency to put up big offensive numbers. But whether an individual game between the Rockets and Kings is high scoring depends on how each team is playing during that individual NBA season.

Who are the best players to compete in this series?

Both the Rockets and Kings have put great players from their teams onto the court against each other. For the Rockets, players like Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady and James Harden are among the highlights. Meanwhile, the Kings squad from the 2000s that featured the likes of Chris Webber and Vlade Divac were among their best to play the Rockets.

Can I bet on the Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings?

There are legal US sportsbooks that offer wagering on games between the Rockets and Kings, yes. Whether you are able to bet on their games or not depends on the laws in your individual state. Bettors should familiarize themselves with their state’s regulations and what options are available to them ahead before tip-off between the Rockets and Kings.

Sacramento Kings vs Rockets Predictions

Making Rockets vs Kings predictions each NBA season can be done in a number of ways. Whether in the regular season or postseason, games between the Rockets and Kings typically see a wide range of betting markets made available. There are a few key markets that are the most widely wagered on during games between the Rockets and Kings, along with most other NBA games, though. Those are the spread, total and moneyline.

Rockets vs Kings Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on the Rockets and Kings against the spread makes bettors predict which of the teams will win after a point spread is applied to their scores. The point spread is a handicap that is added to the score of the underdog or subtracted from the score of the favorite. This serves to level the playing field for the game in this betting market.

An example of a Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings point spread would be the Kings being 4.5-point favorites against the Rockets. That number means that the Kings would have 4.5 points taken off of their score if you bet on them, or the Rockets would have 4.5 points added. The Kings would need to win the game by five points or more to cover the spread. Any other result would mean that the Rockets covered the spread and were the winning side.

Sacramento Kings vs Rockets Over/Under Betting

Betting on a Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings over/under asks bettors to predict if the combined scores of the Rockets and Kings will be over or under the total set by the oddsmakers. For example, if the total for a Kings vs Rockets game was 240, bettors would need to predict if the Kings and Rockets would combine for more or less than that amount.

With the Rockets and Kings being teams that create show stopping highlights and high scoring games on a regular basis, a bettor may lean toward the over whenever these teams play. But the NBA season is full of surprises, and there may be parts of the season that lend themselves toward taking the under instead.

Houston Rockets vs Kings Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline is the easiest market to understand in all of NBA betting. The goal of the moneyline is to predict which squad will win a particular game. In the case of Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings matchups, winning a play on the moneyline requires bettors to understand situations throughout the season, as picking a winner of a game may not be as easy as it seems.

In moneyline bets on games between the Kings and Rockets, bettors should keep in mind that overtime does count toward the moneyline result. Bettors should also remember that they have to risk more when backing the favorite than they do when backing the underdog. Because of that, it is sometimes a better idea to wait for better moneyline odds for the Rockets or Kings in the live betting markets.

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Kings vs Rockets Odds

Odds for Rockets vs Kings are typically made available a day or so before the Rockets and Kings take the court against one another. The Rockets or Kings playing a regular season back to back could delay the release of those odds further, and bettors should keep their eyes on their NBA odds to find out when they are posted.

Rockets vs Kings odds may change leading up to tip-off between the Rockets and Kings. Factors like injuries, resting players and betting activity can cause odds to be changed. The goal of any bettor should be to get the best possible odds when betting on the Rockets and Kings.

Live Streaming Rockets vs Kings

Those who want to watch the Rockets and Kings play can usually do so through live streaming platforms. Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings games are typically available for live streaming through platforms like Hulu, FuboTV and YouTube TV. Fans should check the schedules on those live streaming platforms before game time to make sure that this matchup is available for streaming.

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