Rani Yahya vs Ray Rodriguez Predictions

11 March 2021

UFC Vegas 23

Rani Yahya -300 vs Ray Rodriguez

Fight is at 135 lbs and is -185 to end inside the distance.

Betting Play: Fight ends ITD -185

This fight is completely a striker vs grappler matchup, and should be approached as such. Ray Rodriguez is a sound enough striker with dangerous kicks, but has had his share of problems on the mat.

He has been finished via submission and once via ground and pound in three of his last six fights. The other three were wins via finish, and at this level of MMA, Rodriguez has very much become a fighter that must kill before being killed.

Of course, Rani Yahya is a submission ace that is one of the most dangerous fighters on the roster on the floor. Five of his last seven wins have all come via submission, and now gets a matchup against a fighter who has had problems with that aspect of MMA, and just one exchange on the floor would lead to a submission.

Given the history of Rodriguez and his strengths and deficiencies, finding a finish before being finished should and will certainly be his game plan. With that being the case and costing less than two to one for the fight to end ITD, that will be our UFC pick on this fight.

Betting Play: Fight ends ITD -185

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