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Pointsbet Promo Code

PointsBet has not been a member of the US online sports betting industry for long. But it wants to make a splash with new customers in the markets it serves, and to that end, offers a nice welcome bonus. With that welcome bonus, they hope new users will visit the site for all of their online sports betting needs.

In this guide, we will tell you all about the PointsBet promo code offers and how to use them to claim your bonus offer today!

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers 2021

Sportsbooks will often go with welcome offers much like everyone else because it is the easiest thing to do. But that is not the case with PointsBet. With PointsBet, new users can enjoy a welcome offer as unique as the PointsBet site is.

By entering any of the Pointsbet promo codes in the appropriate box during the registration process, new users can enjoy any of the following offers: 

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

$2000 risk-free bet offer

pointsbet $2000 risk free bet promo code

Risk-free bets are standard carrots many sportsbooks like to dangle to new users, but how these two are structured makes them unique. One is for your first fixed odds (or traditional) bet. It has a max value of $500.

The second risk-free bet applies to your first pointsbetting wager. With that one, the max value is $1500. If you lose either your fixed odds bet or your first points betting one, PointsBet will refund your stake.

The PointsBet Promo Code for this offer is:  USSB2000

Terms and conditions apply.

$1000 risk-free bet offer

pointsbet $1000 risk free bet promo code

The $1000 risk free bet offer is structured as follows where your 4 first bets are risk-free.

  • Up to $250 Back If You Lose Your First or Second Fixed Odds Bet
  • Up to $250 Back If You Lose Your First or Second PointsBetting Wager

The PointsBet Promo Code for this offer is:  USSB1000

Terms and conditions apply.

$250 deposit bonus

PointsBet Deposit Bonus Promo Code

The deposit bonus offer at Pointsbet is great. For smaller deposits it will trigger a 200% match while larger deposit amounts will be matched at 100% up to $250. 

  • Deposit $50 > Play with $150
  • Deposit $150 > Play with $300
  • Deposit $250 > Play with $500

The PointsBet Promo Code for this offer is:  USSB

Promo Codes State by State

PointsBet are offering their sportsbook in many state and below you can get an overview of all PointsBet Promo Codes for each state. 

PointsBet Promo Code NJ

PointsBet entered the US sports betting market when it launched in New Jersey in January 2019. Like other sportsbooks active in New Jersey,  the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates it. Pointsbet's innovative and creative selection of betting markets helped it quickly become popular among sports bettors in the Garden State.

There is no retail location for PointsBet in New Jersey. But the site is affiliated with the Meadowlands in East Rutherford. To enjoy the welcome offer, new customers of PointsBet New Jersey need to enter the bonus code, when prompted to do so during the registration process.

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers:

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

PointsBet Promo Code Indiana

The Hoosier State is the third market that PointsBet has launched in inside the US. With its launch in March 2020, it became the fifth sportsbook to become active in Indiana. While there is no PointsBet Indiana retail location in-state, Lawrenceburg's Hollywood Casino serves as PointsBet Indiana's retail partner.

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers:

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

PointsBet Illinois Promo Code

PointsBet Illinois became the fourth state for the sportsbook to launch in when it went live in September 2020 and the eighth retail operator in the state. The sports betting partner of the Chicago Bears, PointsBet has four retail locations in-state. The flagship location is at the Hawthorne Race Course, with three off-track locations in Oak Brook Terrace, Prospect Heights, and Crestwood.

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers:

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

PointsBet Iowa Promo Code

When sportsbooks were legally allowed to launch in Iowa (August 15, 2019), PointsBet was among the first. However, it was not with the launch of their second online sportsbook in the US but their first retail location at the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington. The online site launched a couple of months later, in November.

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers:

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

PointsBet Colorado Promo Code

The voters approved sports betting in Colorado in November 2019. But Colorado did not have online sportsbooks launch until May 1, 2020. PointsBet did not launch its site until November, though. While there is no retail location in-state, PointsBet has plans to open one in the Double Eagle Casino in Cripple Creek.

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers:

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

PointsBet Michigan Promo Code

Michigan made sports betting legal in-state in December 2019 and saw retail locations start taking bets in March 2020. While it took the state awhile to figure out how it wanted to regulate online sportsbooks, they were finally allowed to launch in January 2021. PointsBet was among the first to launch on January 22.

Current PointsBet Promo Code Offers:

  • USSB2000 for the $2000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB1000 for the $1000 risk-free bet offer
  • USSB for the $250 deposit bonus

Where do you enter the PointsBet Promo Code?

PointsBet makes it easy for new users to remember to enter the promo code when registering for a new account online or via the PointsBet app. When you click on 'sign up' on the home page, you will go to the new account registration process's first page. At the top of the page, you will see a box where you indicate which state you are in.

Right below it will be the box where you enter the promo code or if you click on any of our links the promo code will be pre-filled automatically.

Pointsbet Promo Code Risk Free Bet

$2000 Risk-Free Bet PointsBet Promo Code Details

The PointsBet promo code, USSB2000, gives users the chance to bet without worrying about losing their first two bets (max value $2000). But it is important to remember that it is not the first two bets you make.

It is the first fixed odds bet you make with a max value of $500 and the first pointsbetting wager you make with a max value of $1500.

Like with any bonus, terms and conditions apply.

Why Use a PointsBet Promo code?

For many people, losing their first bet could mean the end of their sports betting journey. Losing right away can make it harder to be confident going forward—so, some may decide to cut their losses and quit. But with the PointsBet promo code, you are protected from losing that all-important first bet. Who does not want that?

Other PointsBet Offers

PointsBet Sign Up Offer

The thought of losing can be enough to turn some people away from sports betting. But with the sign-up offer PointsBet offers, new users do not have to worry about that—at least not for two of their first bets. As a welcome gift to new users, PointsBet gives them the chance to take advantage of two risk-free bets.

One has a max value of $500 and can be applied to the first fixed odds bet a new user makes. The second has a max value of $1500 and goes towards the first pointsbetting wager made. If you lose, PointsBetwill refund what you lost with bonus bets equal to the value of your stake.  

Terms and conditions apply.

PointsBet Free Bet

PointsBet has two ways in which users can earn free bets. First, there is the refer-a-friend bonus. If you have a qualifying account and refer a friend, you will both receive a bonus bet when he or she meets certain requirements.

Then there is also the 'Make it Rain Game of the Day.' Place a bet of $50 or more on the game's spread and get a free bet equal to the number of three-pointers the team you bet on scores times three.

PointsBet Loyalty Program

Some sportsbooks have gotten away from offering loyalty programs, but not PointsBet. Through the PointsBet rewards program, users can earn points they can cash in later for bonus bets of various values ($2.50-$1000).

You earn points according to the type of bet and amount wagered. For fixed odds bets, every $5 risked earns one point. But for parlays, it is a point per dollar bet. When it comes to points betting wagers, it is a point per dollar won or lost.

PointsBet Name-A-Bet

Sportsbooks like to do what they can to offer customers a wide range of betting markets to chose from. But sportsbooks do not always think of everything that the betting public may want to put money on. With PointsBet, if you think of a market that you would like to bet on, you can submit it to PointsBet via Twitter or a form on the website, and PointsBet will give it odds.

More Promotions at PointsBet

Like every sportsbook, PointsBet runs promotions geared towards getting new users to sign up online or via the PointsBet app. But PointsBet knows that it is important to offer perks and benefits to existing users as well—which it does through various promotions throughout the year, including:

  • Refer-a-Friend: Existing users can earn up to$2500 a year in free bets by merely getting friends to open an account and make a qualifying bet. The site lists the bonus per referral as a $50 one in the terms and conditions, but PointsBet will offer promos where the bonus is $100.
  • Make it Rain: Bet $50 on the spread of the chosen game of the day and earn bonus bets equal in value to the number of three-pointers the team you bet on hits times three.
  • Risk-Free Single Game Parlay: place a bet on a single game parlay (of a given game) with at least four legs, and receive a refund of up to $100 if you lose.
  • NBA Single Game Parlay Insurance: place a bet on a single game parlay with at least three legs and get up to $25 back if only one leg of your parlay loses. If you lose on two or more, you are out of luck.
  • Parlay Booster: place a bet on a parlay with at least three legs, and you can increase your payout by selecting a booster (one per day).
  • Single Game Parlay Boost: place a bet on a parlay with three or more legs and increase your potential payout by boosting your final odds; no minimum or maximum bet.
  • Boosters: The PointsBet sportsbook will offer various ways in which users can boost the odds of a particular bet or will offer bets with boosted odds for users to wager on.
  • Create-Your-Own Single Game Parlay Boost: Like the single-game parlay boost described earlier, this one gives you the chance to boost the odds on a parlay of three legs or more that you create.
  • Cash Out: Losing confidence in the team you bet on? Wish you had not bet on the team you did? With the cash-out option, you can collect on a winning bet early (but not as much as if you had let the game finish) or cut your losses if your team is losing.


Pointsbetting Explained

Taking advantage of the $1500 (max value) risk-free bet is a great idea, but many new users will probably have the same question—what is 'points betting?' Points betting is a high-risk, high-reward kind of system that you are entirely in control of.

Like any other bet, you decide who you think will win. But rather than just taking the spread or betting the moneyline, you choose how much you think your team will win by. If you are right, then you win your stake times the number you picked. However, if you lose, you lose your stake times that number.

For example, let's say you think the Cowboys will beat the Texans by ten, and they do. You will win your stake times ten! But if they were to lose by ten instead, you would lose your stake times ten.

While the chance to win more on a game is thrilling, you have to be mindful that you do not lose just the amount you stake.

PointsBet Good Karma Refund

Bad beats benefit sportsbooks because they get to escape paying out on what looked like a winning bet. But bad beats can be demoralizing to bettors and could even discourage them from placing bets in the future.  To that end, PointsBet has the 'Good Karma Kommittee.'

If a bad beat is egregious enough, like a missed pass interference call that results in a last-minute, game-winning score, PointsBet may choose to refund affected bettors. As an added bonus, bettors that make at least ten wagers a month can choose from one lost bet and receive a refund of up to $100.

On What Sports Can I use my PointsBet Promo Code Offers?

What Can I Bet On?

PointsBet is well aware of the need to carry a range of sports and sports betting markets; not just the popular North American sports but also sports popular around the world. The site currently has odds listed for:

  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Is it Legal to bet at PointsBet?

PointsBet is a legal and licensed sportsbook in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois. New Jersey and Illinois do not allow for betting on sports involving in-state colleges and universities or for prop bets on college athletes.

Additional sites should launch soon in Tennessee and Virginia.

PointBet Commercials

While the PointsBet sportsbook brings something to the sports betting table that is a little different from traditional sportsbooks, that is not enough to grasp the attention of potential customers in the US betting market. To that end, they have employed the services of a popular sports figure in the US—NBA legend Allen Iverson.

The commercials feature Allen Iverson hanging out with friends and placing bets via the PointsBet mobile app on his phone. With the appeal that an iconic star like Iverson has, PointsBet makes it look like if it is fun for Iverson, it can be just as fun for you.

Commercials featuring Iverson introduced the US to PointsBet leading up to the launch of the first site in New Jersey.


PointsBet Mobile App

PointsBet App Review

The PointsBet mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices for those that like to place their bets on the go. Users can find the iOS version in the Apple app store, while Android users can download a version of the PointsBet app from the PointsBet site.

The design of the mobile app PointsBet is simple and easy to understand while also appealing to the eye. It is not hard to navigate and is typically very responsive (as long as your internet connection is stable). You can register for a new account via the app, make deposits via your preferred method for online banking, and enjoy all the same betting markets available on the desktop site.

Many users have commented on how helpful the 'bet now' option is when engaging in live, in-play betting on the app PointsBet.

PointsBet Sportsbook Retail Locations

PointsBet is currently legal in six states and has sportsbooks online in all six, but it only has retail locations located in Illinois and Iowa. 

The first was in Iowa at the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington.

The company opened the second at the Hawthorne Race Course in Iowa. 

Off-track locations also exist in three Chicago-area suburbs (Oak Brook Terrace, Prospect Heights, and Crestwood).

What We like about PointsBet Promo Code?

There are several things to like about PointsBet and the PointsBet promo code:

  • There is no rollover or play-through requirement involving money won from using free bets.
  • The name-a-bet function allows for more creativity in betting markets than you find at any other sportsbook.
  • The option to win more via 'pointsbetting' rather than betting on fixed odds is enticing to bettors willing to accept the risk.
  • For novice bettors, the Revis Betting Academy is a great way to learn the basics of sports betting.

What We dislike about PointsBet Promo Code?

While there are many things to like about PointsBet, there are ways in which it could be better:

  • You only have seven days to make use of your free bets/bonus bets once PointsBet credits your account.
  • There is no welcome bonus for people who do not lose their first bet. It would be nice if there were a bonus for people who do not make bad bets.
  • PointsBet could do a much better job of explaining the terms and conditions of its promos. They are not always clear or have all the information you need.
  • There does not appear to be a customer support phone number (if there is, it is not easy to find).

Summary PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Code

PointsBet has a lot of exciting features and a wide range of markets for users to bet on. The pointsbetting option adds an element of excitement that many are likely to enjoy. 

As for the promos, offering two riskfree bets is a good idea. It is especially smart of PointsBet to make one of them specific to pointsbetting. The promotions and offers available to existing users are good.

But PointsBet would be more inviting to new users if there was some kind of bonus available to those who do not lose their first bet(s).

PointsBet Sportsbook FAQ

How do I get help with an issue I am having with the online sportsbook?

You will find a link to the customer support page at the bottom of the home page (click on Help). You will find some useful information, but there does not appear to be a phone number you can call.

Is there a rollover or play-through requirement attached to the riskfree bets in the welcome offer?

No, there is not. Once you win money using your bonus bets/freebets, you can withdraw your winnings at your leisure via your preferred method for online banking.

Are there any restrictions on the name-a-bet feature?

You can only request odds on a sport that PointsBet already covers, and they cannot be on the opposite side of a booster market.

What is the 'Good Karma Kommittee?'

That is PointsBet's way of saying that if there is an obvious injustice in a game, like the blown pass interference call in the Rams-Saints NFC title game (2018-19 season), PointsBet is not going to punish bettors because the refs made a mistake. But that does not mean they will refund bets every time there is a blown call that impacts an outcome, though.

If my first bet is a push, do I still receive a bonus of some kind via the welcome offer's risk-free bet?

No, freebets/bonus bets get awarded only to bettors who lose their first bet. If you win or if your bet is a push, you are not due anything.

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