PointsBet Make it Rain Promo – Get $3 for Every 3-Point Field Goal

February 24, 2021

Sportsbooks use promotions as one of the main tools to attract new players and keep the existing ones. Nevertheless, a promo really needs to stand out in the sea of others to help a specific sports betting operator beat the competitors.

This is exactly what PointsBet Sportsbook have managed to achieve with the “Make it Rain” promotion.

The promo has everything it needs to draw attention. First of all, it offers free money for anyone who likes to bet on sports (basketball in particular).

Moving forward, it demands interaction and puts people together by engaging social media networks. There is just nothing to dislike about it.

Check out Paige Spiranacs make it rain pick of the day

Key details about the Make it Rain promo

So, how do the PointsBet patrons benefit from the Mak it Rain promo offer?

By betting $50 or more on any spread market on the selected game of the day, you will receive $3 for each 3-point field goal made by the team you’ve backed.

This is regardless of the outcome of the contest.

“Make it Rain” has already become PointsBet’s flagship promotion. They use it across different sports, predominantly basketball and football.

Make sure to check the sportsbooks’ promotional section from after 12ET every day to stay fully updated on the latest “Make it Rain” additions.

It is also worth noting that the offer is available across all states where PointsBet is present.

Bet $50 – Get $3 for every 3-pointer scored by your team

This specific “Make it Rain” promotion is bound to basketball. If you like college or NBA basketball, you should really not miss out on this offer.

You only have to bet at least $50 on the core pre-game spread market (not alternate spread lines) on the selected match for that day. If you follow basketball, finding the right pick should not be a tough task anyways.

PointsBet will then make the game much more exciting as you won’t be rooting for your team to win only. Instead, you will be highly interested in seeing then shooting three-pointers because you will receive $3 for every 3-point field goal made by the team you have backed.

The money you will receive comes in the shape of free bets. You can then place these free bets on any sports market you want.

The former professional golfer and a current social media personality Paige Spiranac is the main face of the promotion, making it even more appealing to the crowd.

Paige Spiranac will release the game of the day at 12:00 pm ET every single day. You can check the chosen matches (one per day) on PointsBet’s social networks (Twitter & Instagram) every day.

How to Claim the Make it Rain Promotion?

How to

To take advantage of the Make it Rain Promotion, just follow these steps:
1 Sign up at PointsBet from the link below
Register an account and receive the welcome bonus or log in to your existing PointsBet account.
2 Get the selected games via social media
Visit PointsBet Twitter or Instagram to check Paige’s selected game for the day (every day at 12:00 pm ET)
3 Bet on a selected game
Bet $50 on the spread market (not the alternative spread lines, though) for that game.
4 Receive the bonus
You will then win $3 for every 3-pointer made by your team in that game, regardless of the outcome. If your team scores 10 3-pointers, you will receive $30 in free bets. You may then use free bets on any sports market.


Can I bet on either of the two teams on a selected game to qualify for the promotion?

Yes, you can. The key is to bet on the core spread market for that game.

What if I bet on the moneyline market for the chosen game?

In this case, you will not qualify for the promotion. Only those who wager $50 on the spread market on the chosen game can opt-in.

Will I still receive the free bets for 3-pointers if my team loses?

Yes, you will. You will receive the free bets regardless of the outcome.

Can anyone claim the Make it Rain promo offer?

To claim the Make it Rain promo offer you have to be 21+ years old and located within the states of New Jersey, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, or Illionois.

Martin Efvergren
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