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NHL Thursday (8/13) night Parlay

August 12, 2020


Another successful parlay last night makes it 12 straight wins. Today, on August 13, we are aiming for the 13th winning parlay in a row – so let us pretend that 13 is nothing but our lucky number.

Game 1: Columbus Blue Jackets – Tamba Bay Lightning
Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -345
Game 2: Chicago Blackhawks – Vegas Golden Knights
Total Goals – Over 4.5 (60 Mins) @ -286
Parlay Odds @ -136

Game 1: Columbus Blue Jackets – Tamba Bay Lightning

03.00 PM ET, Thursday, August 13

Tamba Bay Lightning defeated the Blue Jackets in the fourth-longest game in NHL history on Tuesday. Brayden Point scored in the fifth overtime to make it 3-2. Two days later they are about to get set for game 2 and the physical capacity will probably determine this game.

The Lightning ended the regular season 11 points ahead of Columbus Blue Jackets in the Eastern Conference. They are favorites in this series and after winning this marathon game 2, they do have the mental upper hand.

Columbus Blue Jackets surely have a tough mental task to overcome after being defeated in the fifth overtime in game 1. Although, they should be proud of their performance and focus on that instead of the fact that they lost such a tough game.

The Blue Jackets have been a difficult team to beat throughout the entire season and their goal difference of 180-187 makes them one the lowest-scoring team in the league. If they continue playing their hard-working disciplined hockey, they can beat any team.

Conclusions and betting play: The Lightning have mental momentum when entering game 2. They do possess the qualities to go all the way in this year’s Stanley Cup but the Blue Jackets proved in game 1 that they will be giving it a fight to the bitter end.

The question is which team has the better physical strength after playing one of the longest hockey games in NHL history. What will be the effects on this game? I believe we will get to see a game that will be quite like the first game.

Columbus Blue Jackets will not change anything in their way of playing due to that loss. They will, most likely, continue playing their defensively well-organized hockey and if they do, rather few goals will be scored also in this game.

Betting play: Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -345

Game 2: Chicago Blackhawks – Vegas Golden Knights

05.30 PM ET, Thursday, August 13

Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Blackhawks 4-1 in game 1 and overall they are, right now, looking like one the top-favorites to go all the way this season. They are undefeated after the break and, at the moment, they are scoring more goals than any other team.

The Golden Knights were the favorites when taking Chicago Blackhawks and in game 1 they proved why. The two goals in the third period decided the game and overall there were no doubts that Vegas were the better team.

Chicago Blackhawks knocked out the Edmonton Oilers in the play-in series but it seems that they will have to step up even further to keep up with the pace of the Golden Knights.

The Blackhawks only managed to shoot 20 shots on goal in game 1 and they have to put more emphasis on their attacking play in game 2. They do possess the individual qualities to do so and they also did score a lot of goals in the play-in series.

Conclusions and betting play: Vegas Golden Knights have scored 19 goals in 4 games so far and I believe they could get even more space in this game as the Blackhawks will have to push forward.

The Golden Knights are not as strong defensively and they have conceded 11 goals so far and the Blackhawks must aim to take advantage of this weakness. The Chicago team did score 16 goals in 4 games against the Oilers which proves they have the capacity.

Over 4.5 goals have been scored in each and every of these two teams’ 9 games so far and I believe that trend will continue.

Betting play: Total goals – Over 4.5 (60 Mins) @ -286

Game 1: Columbus Blue Jackets – Tamba Bay Lightning
Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -345
Game 2: Chicago Blackhawks – Vegas Golden Knights
Total Goals – Over 4.5 (60 Mins) @ -286
Parlay Odds @ -136

Martin Evergreen
Martin Evergreen is a sports betting professional who provides initiated betting picks and predictions exclusively for Ussportsbonus.com. His main focus is NHL.