NHL Sunday (8/9) night Parlay

09 August 2020

Martin Evergreen NHL Expert Predictions at USsportsbonus

Game 1: Boston Bruins – Washington Capitals
Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -235
Game 2: Dallas Stars – St. Louis Blues
Total Goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ –360
Parlay Odds @ -121

Another successful parlay on Friday night made it 9 winning parlay picks in a row and now we are aiming to make it 10. Boston Bruins are up against Washington Capitals and Dallas Stars take on St. Louis Blues and once again I find the betting value in the goal line under 6.5 goals.

Game 1: Boston Bruins – Washington Capitals

12.00 PM ET, Sunday, August 10

Washington Capitals have been defeated in two stright games of the round-robin qualification round and now they are up against the NHL number one ranked team. A tough task but also the Boston Bruins have lost their two games against Philadelphia Flyers and Tamba Bay Lightning.

The Capitals were beaten 3-2 on overtime against the Lightning, which was a good effort compared to their weaker perfomance against the Flyers were they only managed to create 17 shots on goal when losing 3-1.

Boston Bruins made it 100 points in 70 games during the regular season and they are ranked number one before entering the Stanley-Cup qualifiers round-robin. Although, they have been looking very solid and without apparant weaknesses throughout the season they are now a little bit pressured as they have not been able to perform on their high level during the first games after the long break.

The Bruins were defeated by the Philadelphia Flyers 4-1 in the first game and on Wednesday they lost 3-2 against the Tamba Bay Lightning.

Conclusions and betting play: A trend when looking at all games of the round-robin series is, with a few exceptions, that rather few goals have been scored. One reason to that could be that the intensity of these games are slightly lower as no team is running the risk of getting knocked out.

However, I do except a high-quality hockey as these very talented teams are facing each other in a game where both sides are about to get more and more desperate in their chase of reaching the high level they are capable of.

5 goals or less have been scored in all 4 games where Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals have been involved. Most likely we will get to see a tight game between two very solid hockey teams but whos confident is not as strong as it ususually is.

Betting play: Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -235

Game 2: Dallas Stars – St. Louis Blues

03.00 PM ET, Sunday, August 10

St. Louis Blues ended the regular as the winners of the Western Conference, two points ahead of the Colorado Avalanche but have not been able to live up to that high standard after the long break. In the first game of the Stanley-Cup qualifiers round-robin, they were defeated 2-1 against the Avalanche and the last game against Vegas Golden Knights was lost 6-4.

Dallas Stars also have a season above expectations to look back on as they are ranked as number four in the Western Conference. But neither the Stars have been performing on their high level in the two first games of this qualification series. They were defeated 5-3 by the Vegas Golden Knights and their 4-0 loss against Colorado Avalanche was not a step in the right direction for the Stars.

Conclusions and betting play: Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues have already faced each other five times this season and it is quite clear which team has the advantage when looking at the head to head stats. The games have been tight but the Blues have been the winners in 4 out 5 games between these two sides. The latest game was played in March where St. Louis won 1-0.

In that sense St. Louis Blues are the favorites in this game. They possess the higher quality but right now it is quite difficult to evaluate both of these teams. The Stars depend more on being a hard-working unit, while the Blues possess more individual skills combined with strict discipline.

All of the head to head encounters have been tight and now both teams probably are a bit pressured. They need to find a positive momentum again and will, most likely, be very focused. They are both defensively well-organized and I find many reasons to believe in less than seven goals to be scored in this game.

Betting play: Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -360

Game 1: Boston Bruins – Washington Capitals
Total goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ -235
Game 2: Dallas Stars – St. Louis Blues
Total Goals – Under 6.5 (60 Mins) @ –360
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