NFL Week 13 Betting Review

03 December 2019

Last updated: 07 January 2021 at 8:40 am

NFL Betting with TJ Calkins

The Good

Let’s take a look at the results on NFL picks Week 13. The Carolina over breezed home and went 10 points over the total. This should have been even more but the Panthers inexplicably went on a 48 minute scoring drought, getting a late touchdown only after scoring zero points once they scored 14 in the first 10 minutes.

The Ravens/49ers game was as close as anticipated, coming down to the last play to break the tie. It didn’t matter who was favored, getting six points in this one felt good and safe throughout.

The Titans owned the second half against the Colts and the Tannehill magic continued. The wrong team was certainly favored as the Titans rolled to a 14 point win at +2.5. The over was also a winner here.

The Eagles/Dolphins over 45 might have been the easiest on the slate to pick. It was wildly apparent going in the Dolphins would need to throw, throw and throw some more They eventually called 15 runs versus 41 pass plays and predictably only gained 25 yards on the ground while Fitzpatrick threw for 365 and three scores. They ultimately got to 65 points as this one cruised across the finish line.

The Bad

The Panthers watched their season die losing outright to the Redskins at home. This is as bad as losses get and the team is all but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Nick Foles was a first half turnover machine in the first half and ultimately benched against the most quarterback friendly team in the NFL. The Jags made a rally in the second half with Gardner Minshew but the comeback dream died with a goal to go turnover on downs, down 14 in the second half. This loss almost certainly stamps the papers to terminate the Marrone era in Jacksonville, it is now just wait and see whether the move is in season or after the season.

Speaking of as bad as losses get, the Jets scored 6 points against the (no longer) winless Bengals. 6. Six. This is an abomination of an output that is far too typical of Adam Gase no matter where he coaches.

The Browns blew a 10 point lead to Duck Hodges and the Steelers… without any defensive scoring from the Steelers. A bad performance on offense from the Browns but even worse on defense considering the Steelers were without Pouncey, Conner and Juju. As a Clevelander, here’s to hoping the elimination from the playoff hunt spells the end of the Freddie Kitchens regime.

The Vikings lost Dalvin Cook in the fourth quarter, and they were unable to keep pace in the high scoring affair, also missing Adam Thielen entering the game. Thielen was dearly missed as Stefon Diggs was flat out bad and it can be argued he single handedly lost the game. The Vikes +3 lost by 7.

The Unfortunate

I forgot one of the cardinal rules of 2019 NFL and I’m not even sure this can be labeled unfortunate, but ya, I forgot every Charger game is the same. It ends with the Chargers down one score late and Rivers and co. finding a way to not get the job done. This one saw the Chargers forget to show up at the onset and dig an early 14 point hole. After some normalization, the Chargers tied the game early in the 4th quarter. They forced a turnover immediately after and got the ball in Bronco territory. While Melvin Gordon was white hot on the ground in the second half, they went away from him and saw Ekeler fail on a run then Rivers took a sack, which was the driving factor behind the ensuing missed 55 yard field goal try. This lead to a short drive by the Broncos ending in a field goal, but the Chargers had plenty of time to work with and set up a late drive, but once again didn’t put their trust in Gordon on a critical 3rd and 1 and were forced to kick a field goal to force overtime instead of for the win because of the previous missed FG. But wait, hang on a second. The Broncos got the ball with 0:08 at their own 28. Queue up the scheduled egregiously bad defensive pass interference call to let the Broncos kick a game winning FG as time expires. Sigh, the Chargers are a joke and need new leadership at coach and quarterback yesterday.

5-6 on the rough week

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