NBA Draft Betting Odds – Who Will Go Number One?

10 November 2020

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The NBA Draft is coming soon, as the pandemic has shifted the event back by several months this year. And while there is a clear favorite to be the number one pick in 2020, rumors are circulating that he is not as sure a thing as you may have thought. Instead, it is rumored that front offices are preparing for another candidate to go at the top of the board in this historic draft.

The Current NBA Draft Odds

The favorite to go number one in this year’s NBA Draft is Anthony Edwards. NBA betting odds have him at around -215 to be selected number one overall. Edwards was a solid scorer at Georgia in his lone season of college basketball. But there are concerns with the fact that he wasn’t able to propel his team to anything special in what was a relatively weak SEC last season.

Behind Edwards are two main contenders to be taken with the top spot. LaMelo Ball, brother of Lonzo and son of the infamous Lavar, is at +171 to be drafted according to DraftKings Sportsbook. And James Wiseman, the seven-footer who missed most of his only year of college with Memphis due to eligibility issues, is in the mix as well at +750.

It isn’t expected that anyone else will go with the top overall pick in the draft, though that possibility can never be ruled out. And while Edwards is currently a solid favorite to go number one overall, the rumors that are coming out ahead of the draft could make one of the other top prospects worth placing a wager on to go first overall.

NBA Draft Rumors

The latest in NBA Draft rumors comes from ESPN, who are reporting that several NBA front offices are expecting LaMelo Ball to go first rather than Edwards. Their story claims that this could happen either with the Timberwolves selecting Ball or another team trading up to draft the member of the controversial Ball family.

ESPN’s report states that the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder are all teams that their sources saw as possible trade partners with the Wolves to get Ball. The Thunder would be an especially interesting option, given that they already have several pieces in place to make a playoff run. The thought of LaMelo Ball learning from a veteran point guard in Chris Paul is also an interesting proposition should it ever come to fruition.

Of course, NBA Draft rumors are just that: rumors. But if you are looking to place a bet on who will go first overall in this year’s NBA Draft, Ball at +171 could be a better value than laying the significant vig with Edwards. With Edwards failing to impress in his last workout, he is not the sure thing that he appeared to be a couple of months ago.

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NBA Betting FAQ

When is this year’s NBA Draft?

This year’s NBA Draft is on Wednesday, November 18. The draft usually takes place in June. But with the pandemic causing the end of the season to come later this year, there was a need to push the draft back to November. This will allow teams to make their picks and for those players to train with their teams ahead of the start of this season.

When does the 2020-2021 NBA season start?

The 2020-2021 NBA season is set to start on December 22, 2020. This plan was recently approved by the league and the players. That will mean that the much-anticipated Christmas Day games each year will take place as usual. NBA fans can get excited again, as they are just six weeks from the start of another season.

Who is the best player in this year’s draft?

It is hard to tell which player is the best in this year’s NBA Draft. There isn’t a clear set of superstars in the draft this year. Compared to last year, when Zion Williamson and Ja Morant were clearly the top prospects, it is unclear as to who the best prospect will turn out to be this time around.

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