Knicks vs Nuggets Predictions

May 5, 2021

The New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets are in opposite conferences in the NBA. But a game against one another can prove to be an important litmus test for both sides as they look to prove themselves this season. In this round of NBA picks, we look closely at Knicks vs Nuggets and give you our best bet for the occasion.

New York Knicks vs Denver Nuggets Betting Pick

The Pick: Knicks +3.5

This game will be played at 9:00 PM ET at Ball Arena

Why bet the Knicks:

✅ Nikola Jokic is going to win the MVP award for the Denver Nuggets this season. But Nikola Jokic will need help against the New York Knicks in this game. With Jamal Murray out for the season and players like Monte Morris, PJ Dozier and Will Barton out, the Nuggets are going to struggle against the tenacious Knicks.

✅ We saw the top rated defense in the NBA in the Los Angeles Lakers stifle Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets earlier this week. Michael Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon and Facundo Campazzo were not enough to overcome the Lakers defense. And against a Knicks team that is among the best in the NBA in defensive rating, Porter Jr. and the Nuggets' other role players may struggle again.

✅ On the flip side, the Knicks have been incredibly well balanced. Even with Julius Randle being in the top-20 in the league in points per game, rebounds per game and assists per game, the Knicks are way more than just Julius Randle. They are a top-five team in the NBA in three-point shooting this season, and will use that efficiency to their advantage.

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General Info About Denver Nuggets vs New York Knicks

Where do the New York Knicks play their home games?

The New York Knicks play their home games at Madison Square Garden in New York. This venue is one of the most iconic in the world of sports, each visiting team always circles games against the Knicks on their schedule each year. Known as the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden is one of the cathedrals of basketball.

Where do the Denver Nuggets play their home games?

The Denver Nuggets play their home games at Ball Arena in Denver, CO. Ball Arena has been the home to some great Nuggets teams in the past, including the team that was led by Carmelo Anthony that made some deep runs in the Western Conference. The Jokic era is another high point in franchise history, as Jokic and his supporting cast made the Nuggets into title contenders in the 2020s.

What is the key to Knicks vs Nuggets?

The biggest key to the games between the Knicks and Nuggets is defense. Both sides have elite players on their team. But being able to stop the offense that those players can create is the difference in most games in the NBA. Offense is easy to come by for most teams, while defense is less commonly found.

Knicks vs Nuggets Predictions

When making a prediction on games between the Knicks and Nuggets, we go way beyond the record of each team. Our prediction criteria includes looks at stats for each side along with looks into the matchups that could decide who gets the better of whom in this game. Among the betting markets we look at predictions for are the spread, total and moneyline.

Nuggets vs Knicks Against the Spread Predictions

Betting on the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets against the spread is the most common way to bet on this series. Point spread bettors are more or less wagering on who is going to win these games along with the number of points by which they win. Bettors should note that the favorite has to win by more points than the spread amount in order to cover in this market.

New York Knicks vs Nuggets Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting in the NBA is all about the number of points scored in a basketball game. Here, a sportsbook posts a projected number of points they think will be scored. It is up to bettors to decide whether the actual number of points will be over or under that amount. Here, bettors need to remember that the matchup on the floor for a specific can impact the number of points scored more than stats from previous matchups in some cases.

Denver Nuggets vs Knicks Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is all about winning, in that bettors are simply trying to pick who is going to win each contest between the Knicks and Nuggets. Each NBA matchup is so unique, so bettors have to go beyond each team's record when making their predictions. Even a team on the longest winning streak is susceptible to a loss on any given night. Because of that, bettors need to get a complete picture of where each squad is before making a pick on the moneyline.

Knicks vs Nuggets Odds

The odds for Knicks vs Nuggets matchups can change from the day or night they are released up until tip-off. A big reason for any changes in the odds before game time is injury news. While the league's talent level is higher than ever, the loss of one star can greatly reduce a side's chances of picking up a victory. Because of that, bettors should be a regular visitor to the injury report of both teams before locking in a wager on pro basketball.

Live Streaming Nuggets vs Knicks

Basketball fans and bettors alike can watch the Knicks and Nuggets square off thanks to a series of live streaming options. The most prominent of these options is NBA League Pass, which carries games all season long without the need for a cable subscription. There are other options available as well, with platforms like Hulu, YouTube TV and FuboTV all being options for those who want to watch live action between New York and Denver each year.

Jay Sanin
Jay Sanin is a sports writer and broadcaster from Albany, NY. He has covered sports betting and the gambling industry since 2013.