Jazz vs Clippers Game 6 Prediction: NBA Playoff Picks

June 18, 2021

Jazz vs Clippers is a Western Conference tilt between two teams that have quite similar aspirations in 2021. Both of these teams have their eyes firmly fixed upon a Western Conference title and ultimately an NBA title. The top tier in the Western Conference consists of a short list of teams, and the Jazz and Clippers are two of them.

Jazz vs Clippers has the potential to be one of the best series of the NBA Playoffs. You will find the best NBA picks for Clippers vs Jazz below.

Utah Jazz vs LA Clippers Betting Pick

The Pick: Jazz -1.5

Monday Night at 10:00PM ET at Staples Center

Why bet the Jazz:

✅ The Los Angeles Clippers got a combined 47 points from Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris in Game 5, en route to a win. This bet is one where if they replicate that performance, you take the loss knowing that you made the right decision.

✅ Expect an adjustment from the Jazz in this game when the Clippers rush two defenders at Donovan Mitchell. Instead of Royce O'Neale being the safety valve at the top of the key, expect that responsibility to go to a player like Joe Ingles or Bojan Bogdanovic, who are better decision-makers than O'Neale.

✅ Rudy Gobert was outrebounded by Paul George in Game 5 and ended the game with zero blocked shots. Expect Gobert to have a much bigger impact on the defensive end of the floor in Game 6 for the Utah Jazz.

General Info about Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz

Where do the Utah Jazz play their home games?

The Utah Jazz play their home games at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where do the Los Angeles Clippers play their home games?

The Los Angeles Clippers play their home games at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Where can you watch Clippers vs Jazz

You can watch this game on TNT

Where can you bet on Jazz vs Clippers?

Check out the Best Betting Sites for 2021 to get the best odds and betting options on the game.

Clippers vs Jazz Predictions

Clippers vs Jazz has been played nearly 200 times, with a slight edge to the Jazz on the historical split. The more recent years paint the same picture, a slight advantage towards the Jazz side. The Jazz hold slight historical advantages but nowhere near to an extent that historical splits can make a prediction for you.

Check the Jazz vs Clippers predictions above for this game’s best betting pick.

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Jazz vs Clippers Against the Spread Predictions

Jazz vs Clippers against the spread predictions refer to whether the Clippers or Jazz win or lose by the necessary points to cover the spread. For a hypothetical line, we will use the Jazz -3.5. This means a wager on the Jazz would require them to win by more than three points to be considered a winner. A wager on the Clippers, at +3.5, would require them to either win the game outright or to lose by fewer than four points to have a wager be considered a winner.

Check above for the best Jazz vs Clippers against the spread predictions.

LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Over/Under Betting

LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Over/Under betting is a way of wagering on the contest without needing to pick the team that wins the game. Instead, these wagers are against a set total of combined points in the game. For a hypothetical example, we will use a total set at 228 points. Over/Under wagers on this Clippers vs Jazz contest would be betting over or under 228 combined points for the two teams.

There are many factors to be considered when diving into Over/Under wagering. These factors include pace (expected possessions per game), offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency.

Knowing which teams play faster and slower, and which teams play with a higher and lower level of efficiency at each end of the floor is a large edge when over/under wagering.

See above if there is a best Over/Under play for Clippers vs Jazz.

Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers Moneyline Predictions

 Money Line wagering on NBA is a fun way to bet on one team or the other, while taking the point spread out of play.

Instead of laying or taking the points on the spread, you can lay odds on the favorite or take oddson the underdog to simply win the game outright. If you are looking to wager on a game, and want the best Jazz vs Clippers Money Line predictions, a Money Line wager is worth considering as a good way to avoid the point spread.

For an example of how a Money Line wager differs from an against the spread wager, we will use our Jazz -3.5 hypothetical example from above. Instead of the standard -110 odds on an against the spread play, the Jazz can be bet on to simply win outright while laying odds. The Clippers can be bet on to win the game outright while getting odds.

In our hypothetical, we would expect to have to lay about -160 on the Jazz and expect to get about +130 on the Clippers.

With the all time series being played near even with a slight tilt to the Jazz side, and mirrored in recent years, history cannot be a determining factor on a money line wager. However, history is just one piece of the puzzle and all other factors need to be considered. History is just one small piece of the puzzle and we need to look at other factors to determine the best play in these matchups.

There are hours of research required for successful NBA predictions, and we are here to provide that for you, with a conclusion summed up and bottom lined.

Clippers vs Jazz Odds

The NBA carries the most fluid odds of all the major sports in the United States. We frequently see a slow release of odds and against the spread, over/under and money line odds all fluctuate, often rapidly throughout a given day leading up to tipoff. The Jazz vs Clippers regular season matchup won’t draw a massive betting market from the general public, so it won’t take a huge quantity of large wagers to move the lines significantly in one direction or the other.

Live Streaming Jazz vs Clippers

We are currently without sports books in the United States that offer streaming of NBA games. This should change in the future, but for now we are still required to turn to paid streaming services that might have the game you are looking. For live streaming Jazz vs Clippers you are limited to YouTubeTV, FuboTV and Hulu.

Jay Sanin
Jay Sanin is a sports writer and broadcaster from Albany, NY. He has covered sports betting and the gambling industry since 2013.