Soccer Betting Strategies

As with all larger sports, it is hard to find good value on the top games for the simple reason that they have been analyzed over and over again by experts i.e information is out in the public domain and the lines have therefore been adjusted accordingly. But with the right mindset and long term strategy there are ways on how you can make good money from betting on soccer.

10 Soccer Betting Strategies

1. Bet the leagues and tournaments you are familiar with

Make sure to bet leagues that you are knowledgeable on. There are countless leagues and tournaments around the world and making sure you know the ins and outs of the league will lead to success.

2. Have proper bankroll management

You should only bet what you are willing to lose on that bet.  Knowing your limits is key to long term success in all facets of betting.

3. Be willing to learn

Every good bettor will learn from their mistakes.  You need to adjust on your betting and continually improve your betting ways.

4. Track your bets

In order to properly learn and adjust you should track your bets.  If you track your bets you can go back and learn where you are successful and where you are not.

5. Know the situation around the game

Know when the game could have inclement weather, is a game where a team might rotate their squad and know whether it is a home or away game.

6. Follow news and notes for the teams you plan on betting

Knowing which players may be injured or suspended can be a vital asset in being a winning bettor.

7. Know the teams and their tactics

Certain teams have a certain style of play.  Knowing how the teams play and how they move can give you a leg up in certain matchups.  They could cause certain teams’ issues and you may get them at a good price, or they may play fast/slow and give an advantage in terms of the game total.

8. Exploit market biases by betting against the public

Certain teams are very popular teams around the world.  The books generally will weigh that when placing the odds on a matchup.  You can find advantages betting against the masses in these spots and taking the less popular team.

9. Have accounts with multiple bookmakers

Different books will provide different odds on the same game.  Finding the best value or the best line from a different book can help make you money over the long run.

10. Don’t try to always hit a big score

Winning a big bet can be exciting, however always trying to take bets with long odds will lead to you losing money quicker in the long run.  You want to only take bets with good value in order to be successful.


Can you make a lot of money from betting on soccer?

If you are structured and have a smart strategy you can make good money from sports betting on soccer.

Can you beat the bookies when betting on soccer?

Yes, it is possible but not easy. Bet the leagues and tournaments you are familiar with to increase your chances.

What is the most popular sport to bet on?

Soccer is the largest sports to bet on in the world but is in the US not even close to NFL, NBA or MLB.

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