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When it comes to sports betting, Oregon has a fascinating history. Having been one of the four states that were exempt from the PASPA, they had a head start in the game. However, compared to the likes of Nevada and Delaware, which were also exempt from PASPA, Oregon appears to have squandered their opportunity to grow their sports betting industry. While the state also continues to improve on its gambling laws and even offers online betting services to its residents, they seem to have fallen behind.

Aside from the fact that residents have voted down the establishment of commercial casinos several times, statetribal compacts have also influenced the progress. Nonetheless, there has been an advancement of late perhaps because of the stiff competition from neighboring states and the need to bring in more revenue to run the state. The Oregon State Lottery for instance, recently launched an online mobile sports betting app available to the residents. Keep reading this exclusive review for more information about sports betting in Oregon.

Brief History of Sports Betting in Oregon

Influenced 1900s to 2010

As one of the four states exempt from PASPA in any way in the entire United States, Oregon had regulated sports betting on NFL games in a way since 1989. Gambling laws rendered it legal to bet on NFL parlay picks, which were made possible by the Oregon State Lottery.

Prior to the approval of PASPA, residents of Oregon were allowed to place wagers on NFL games according to the Sports Action gaming regulations. However, unfortunately for locals who enjoyed betting on NFL through the State Lottery, the activity was banned in 2007. The state enacted the ban after NCAA restricted Oregon from hosting the NCAA basketball tournament of 2007, unless the state would strike out the sports betting regulations already existent. It was surprising that Oregon chose to concede with this condition that year, therefore revoking the permission to bet on sports games as per its new gambling regulations. And after this ban, Oregon was officially not exempt from PASPA in any way from then on.

When it comes to horse racing, off-track betting has been available for close to a century. Portland Meadows, the only commercial racetrack, has been in operation since 1946, with 11 OTB sites operating under its license to date. Greyhound racing in Oregon, on the other hand, dates back to 1933, but it died a slow death come 2004 owing to sharply decreased popularity.

Another interesting fact about Oregon is that in 1997 it was among the first American states to legalize betting hubs from out-of-state bettors. These hubs essentially accept stakes electronically on players who want to wager on horse and greyhound races across the nation. Currently, there are at least 10 betting hubs of this kind accepting Advanced Deposit Wagers, including the well-known Churchill Downs’s Twinspires and TVG.

Facts About Sports Betting in Oregon

Age RequirementsCasino, slots machines, interactive gaming, and sports betting:21+
Lottery, Pari-mutuel and Charitable Gaming: 18+
Regulatory BodiesOregon Department of Justice; Oregon State Racing Commission; Oregon Lottery
Commission; Oregon State Police (Gaming Division).
Commercial RacetrackAllowed. Portland Meadows is the only one in operation
Sports BettingAllowed via the State Lottery
ADW and OTB are accepted  on interactive wagering establishments
Online Sports BettingDaily Fantasy Sports
Betting in Sports is allowed through the State’s mobile sports betting app

What the Future Holds for Sports Betting in Oregon

Early decisions like prohibiting sports betting even while PASPA was active set the state’s gambling industry back. However, after 2018 when the PASPA was repealed, Oregon swiftly bounced back and are now well on the way of having a fully-fledged sports betting industry.

The Beaver State has always focused on pushing sports betting laws forward rather than other forms of gambling. This means that there is a bright future in the industry for sports bettors. Considering that they have already legalized sports betting both online and in onshore casinos, which is in addition to daily fantasy sports betting, few areas in the sports betting industry remain prohibited.

The State Lottery is also very active and was not only the first to launch a sportsbook in 2019, that is online, but has also announced plans to set up other sportsbooks in casinos in the Beaver State. Tribal casinos are also very active, and residents should expect many, if not all of them to launch sportsbooks in the coming years. If sports betting will move towards a more open market, such as in for example online sports betting in Indiana and New Jersey, is still unknown but we hope for Oregon sports bettors sake that it will be the case.

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