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Montana State Guide

Montana is a state in the US that is located in the Moutain West subregion of the Western United States. Several players in the county love betting on sporting events. In 2019, Governor Steve Bullock legalized sports betting in the state after signing the HB725 bill. Since then, several betting sites have been offering gambling services in the state. In this detailed guide, we will discuss the current state of sports betting in Montana, as well as the factors you need to consider to choose the best sportsbooks. Let's get started.
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  • Is betting on sports legal in Montana?

  • What kinds of sports are legal to bet on in Montana?

  • Is online sports betting legal in Montana?

  • How old must I be to bet on sports in Montana?

Sports Betting in Montana

There are several kinds of sports that Montana players love to bet on. This includes soccer, basketball, American football, volleyball, horse racing, cricket, and so on. Many sports betting sites also target the state, which means players can enjoy the best experience. When you play at the best sports site, you will have access to a wide range of betting markets, such as the regular options like match-winning bets. Besides that, you can also place prop bets like the player of the match bets. Sports betting in the state of Montana is legalized, but there are some conditions you need to be aware of, which we will discuss later on in this guide.

Popular Betting Sites to Enter Montana Betting Market

With gambling on sports made legal in Montana, several popular US betting sites now target the state. However, according to the state's laws, betting on sports is only allowed in-person and at licensed locations in the state. But unlike some other states, Montana allows licensed casinos, hotels, and bars to offer sports betting services to their legal age customers.

There are also some offshore online gambling sites where players in Montana bet on casino games and sports. These sites are not regulated under the state's laws but offer services to a broader range of people and countries. That said, you should be aware that playing at such sites cannot be considered legal, but there have been no cases of a Montana player arrested for betting at offshore sites.

Montana Sports Betting Apps

Legal sport betting apps in the state are limited to only infrastructures with a license to offer sports betting services. Casinos, hotels, and bars that wish to offer legal sports betting in the state can have apps of their own. However, they can only be used when players are within their establishments. There is only one legal sports app currently available for players in the state: the Sports Bet Montana app. However, Montana players can bet using offshore apps that cover major and minor sporting events such as NFL basketball, Major League Soccer, and so on.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Montana?

Sports betting is legal in the Treasure state, but with several conditions. The only legal way for players to bet on sports is through the platform operated by Intralot and the lottery. You must visit a retail sports site in person before you can wager money on sports events, and the maximum bet you can place is $250. However, if you are accessing the betting platform online while present in the establishment, the law allows you to bet up to $1,000.

The legalization of sports betting came into effect following Governor Steve Bullock signing the HB725 bill in June 2019. The bill gave the state lottery power to control sports betting, which explains the monopoly. By 2020, 100 retail establishments had started offering Montana players the chance to wager on sports in the state.

Forms of Legal Sports Bet Montana

Now that we've established that sports betting is legal in the state, what are the forms of sports bets allowed? Well, there are lots. Players can gamble on professional sporting events, including horse racing. Apart from that, the law does not forbid betting on collegiate sports, although not many gambling kiosks in the state offer that. That said, daily fantasy sports are considered illegal, but you can bet on casino games such as video poker based on the 1985 law passed by the state.

The following are some of the standard betting markets available in Montana:

  • Moneyline bet
  • Under/over totals bet
  • Points spread
  • In-game betting
  • Futures
  • Proposition bets
  • Parlay

How to identify legal Online Sports Betting sites in Montana

As we pointed out earlier, only sports betting sites with infrastructures within the state and licensed under the law are considered legal. Even at that, bettors can play at these sites when they are in their physical premises. For now, Sports Bet Montana is the only known sports betting site operating in the state. However, several offshore sites have a license with other regulatory bodies and offer gambling services to bettors in Montana.

To identify the best online sports or mobile betting sites in the state, here are the factors to consider:

  • License
  • Sports and tournaments/competitions covered
  • Available betting markets and options
  • Banking methods
  • Odds
  • Bonuses
  • Customer support

UsSportsBonus Only Recommends Legal Betting Sites

At UsSportsBonus, we only recommend the best betting sites that will offer you a great gambling experience. Our experts carefully scrutinize every sportsbook and check for red flags. We go beyond checking only the services offered and look at other factors such as the terms and conditions and how they can affect you. Thus, you can trust our selections.

Who can Bet on sports in Montana Online?

The legal gambling age in Montana is 18 years old. Players in the state who are 18 years or above can gamble on sports without any issue. However, note that there is a limit to the amount you can wager at legal gambling sites. In addition, you can only bet in person, and if you are using a sports app, you must be at the location of the sportsbook to place a bet.

Sports Betting in Montana as a resident

As a Montana resident, you can enjoy betting on different sports events, ranging from soccer, basketball, and American football to tennis. However, as we pointed out in the previous paragraph, you must be within the premises of the betting infrastructure to gamble.

Sports Betting in Montana as a non-resident

According to the state's gambling law, only residents of Montana are allowed to bet on sports. This means that as long as you are within the walls of the state, you can head over to one of the approved kiosks to gamble. However, non-residents cannot bet legally in Montana. They can play at other recommended offshore betting sites that accept players from different parts of the world.

How to bet in Montana?

Betting in Montana is not any different from other US states where gambling is legalized. Once you are at a licensed kiosk or sports site, you can select the games you want to wager on based on the available markets. Once you've filled the betting slip with your selection after considering the odds, you can place your bets. Be aware that the maximum legal amount you can bet at these licensed kiosks is $250, while online it's $1,000. All forms of sports betting are allowed, including professional and collegiate sports.

Montana Sports Betting Legalization Update

Despite being a state where sports betting is legalized, Montana is still undergoing some changes which may open up the state to foreign betting sites. At UsSportsBonus, we stay up to date with sports betting legalization updates, so you can count on us to give you the latest information as it unfolds.