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Kansas State Guide

Also known as Sunflower State, Kansas has some of the stringent laws and regulations governing sports betting in general. Citizens are however allowed to take part in parimutuel wagering on dog and horse races in theory, but the racing industry died, and thus, no facilities currently offer the services. Online casino betting, on the other hand, is a no-go zone. While players can still take part in sports betting offered by offshore casinos, we do not recommend it not only for security purposes but also because it is a misdemeanor under state law. Talks are however underway on the passing of the gambling legislation bill. This means that players within the state will be able to participate in sports betting should the bill be passed and implemented like in states such as New Jersey and Indiana where online gambling is already licensed and legal. Let’s take a quick look at the current sports-betting situation in the Kansas State and what we’re to expect in the near future.
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History of Sports Betting in Kansas


Just like most states in the US, sports such as dog and horse races and horse races started way back in the 18th century. By 1974 the state had already legalized racing through a state referendum where off-track betting also became authorized. For the next few decades, pari-mutuel and off-track betting were the order of the day in the state, as the only legal form of betting on sports. Unfortunately, however, this industry died down by 2010 after casino gambling was allowed in the state.

2015 – 2017

The first sigh of relief for local sports fans after the collapse of racing was in May 2015 when Governor of the Kansas State Sam Brownback signed SB267 into law. This bill excluded Fantasy sports leagues from the definition of gambling markets. Fantasy sports was considered to be a game of skill and therefore, not a game of chance. From there, there was a bit of stagnation for the progress of sports betting laws for over two years.


January 2018 marked history as the Federal and State Affairs Committee tabled HB2533 which sought to authorize sports betting at racetracks within Kansas. Later in March, the same body followed up HB2533 by introducing HB2752 which would develop a Kansas Sports Wagering Act.

Thanks to this act, both land-based and interactive sports betting via local retailers, racetracks and any other licensed dealers would be legal provided PASPA is repealed. The bill also proposed a 6.75% gross tax on sports betting. After a couple of amendments, SB445 was tabled in place of HB2752. However, it suggested a 0.25% of turnover compared to the 1% fee included in HB2752.

2019 to Date

SB23 was then introduced in January 2019 titled the Kansas Wagering Act which sought to authorize the Kansas Lottery to operate land-based and interactive sports betting. The bill also proposed a 0.25% integrity fee for professional sports leagues, capped at 5% operator Gross Win.

For the rest of the year, more attempts to authorize sports betting but none of them panned out. For instance, HB2390 and S222 were both introduced in March by Federal and State Affairs, calling for regulation of sports betting by the State Lottery, without the need for league data and a 6.75% tax rate.

In January 2020, there was a fresh bid for the regulation of sports betting by Kansas lawmakers when they tabled SB283 meant to legalize retail and interactive sports betting as well as mobile betting. This bill would give room for two skins per operator with a 7.5% tax rate for retail and 10% tax rate for interactive sports betting. We are waiting to see whether this is the bill that will finally allow Kansas locals to enjoy sports betting on land-based facilities and online.

What is the Current State of Sports Betting in Kansas?

Kansas is one of the few US states that have taken the legislation of sports betting quite seriously. Previously, the state legislators have been at loggerheads on the matter concerning the regulation of sports betting. Even though the state allows more traditional sports such as dog and horse races, betting on the games online on any bookie is currently considered as illegal. The state, however, has legalized pari-mutuel and simulcast horse and dog race betting, as well as Daily Fantasy Sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

When it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports betting, there is a clear green light in the state as betting of DFS is deemed legal by the regulatory bodies for locals over 21 years old. After DFS was considered to be a game of skill and not of chance in 2015, the ruling paved the way for the approval of the DFS betting within Kansas. Since then, hundreds of thousands of players take part in the DFS betting every day.

Interactive Sports Betting in Kansas

There are currently no state-regulated interactive onshore operators available in the Kansas State. Interactive sports betting is therefore illegal as we speak. Thus, if you happen to meet any operators within the state running interactive sports betting, they are illegally doing the business. Back in 2008, the state regulator revoked all the interactive sports betting licenses.

The state has thereafter been strict on any forms of sports betting be it either onshore interactive operators or land-based casinos. This hopefully could change in the coming months as legislators are working on a bill to approve online sports betting in its entirety.

Summary of Sports Betting in Kansas

Mobile Sports BettingNot Allowed
Daily Fantasy Sports BettingAllowed 
Authorized Forms of Betting on SportsPari-mutuel and simulcast horse and dog race betting, charitable bingo, Daily Fantasy Sports
Legal Gambling Age21 years for pari-mutuel betting
Regulatory BodiesKansas Gaming and Racing Commission; Kansas Department of Revenue.
Key LegislationKansas Statutes.

What Does the Future Hold for Sports Betting in Kansas?

We are optimistic that the state will regulate sports betting thanks to the hardworking legislators that availed a bill in January 2020 for consideration. With sports betting viewed as a potential source of enormous revenue boosts, the houses are giving it a second thought having failed to pass the gambling bills in the past.

If the state approves sports betting, both the state as well as players will reap benefits from the legalization. The imposed tax rates on all sports betting activities will see that the state receives enough revenue out of the multi-billion industry. As for players, every Kansas gambler will be able to place their bets on several games without any limitations such as NBA, MLB and NFL. We will keep you posted on the ratification process if the deal happens to mature anytime soon and online sports gambling gets a go-ahead in the state of Kansas.