Get a $25 NBA Single Game Parlay Insurance at PointsBet

25 February 2021

pointsbet parlay insurance

Get up to $25 Back if One of Your NBA Parlay Picks Lets You Down

PointsBet Sportsbook are really heating things up for us amid a very exciting NBA season. It is a great time to cash in on our knowledge of the competition.

Anyone who likes the strongest basketball league in the world and fancies sports wagering will be excited to hear about the NBA Single Game Parlay promotion. If you are already placing NBA parlays, there is just no reason not to move to PointsBet with this specific offer.

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What do you get?

Anybody who places a single game parlay on any NBA match with at least three legs will get a full refund up to $25 if one leg fails.

How many times have you seen a friend moaning about just one bet letting him down? Does this sentence – “Oh how did LeBron miss that last shot last night against the Clippers” sound familiar?

Well, thanks to PointsBet, we will suddenly feel much better in these situations. We may not win the whole parlay bet, but a refund of up to $25 will certainly raise our spirits ahead of the next NBA night.

Oh, it will also boost up our bankroll long-term. Just imagine that someone has given you $25 every time one leg of the parlay has let you down.

How to Claim the Parlay Insurance?

The promotion is open to all PointsBet patrons. Here is how you can opt-in:

  1. Click on the link below to register at PointsBet

    Sing up or log in to your existing PointsBet account.

  2. Place a parlay bet on NBA

    Place a single game parlay bet on any NBA basketball game. The parlay needs to have at least three legs and the minimal total odds for the parlay have to be +100 or longer.

  3. Receive a $25 Parlay Insurance

    If just one of the legs lets you down, you will receive your stake back (up to $25 max).

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Register with Promo Code: USSB2000

$2000 Risk-Free Bets
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Can anyone claim the Parlay Insurance promo offer?

To claim the Make it Rain promo offer you have to be 21+ years old and located within the states of New Jersey, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, or Illionois.

How much money will I receive back if I bet $50 on a three-leg NBA parlay and one pick lets me down?

In this case, you would get a $25 refund because it is the maximum cashback for this offer (regardless of your stake).

What if two out of four bets on my NBA parlay are losing?

In this case, you will not get a refund. You get your stake back only if one pick lets you down.

Can I bet on college basketball or any other sport for this promo?

No, this offer is only available for NBA matches.

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