Da-Un Jung vs William Knight Prediction

April 7, 2021

Da-Un Jung -140 vs William Knight

Fight is at 205 lbs and is -245 to end inside the distance.


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Betting Play: Knight +120
Betting Play: Knight +120

We have already discussed Da-Un Jung’s most recent opponent Sam Alvey, and there was nothing complimentary in that breakdown. After winning his first two UFC fights via finish, the wind was taken out of those sails by the draw against Alvey.

Jung will have some advantages in this UFC Vegas 23 fight with William Knight. He will have the speed advantage in the striking, and will likely throw more volume. That is where the advantages end, as Knight is a stronger fighter and is much more powerful. He is the more likely fighter to land the correct KO shot in the stand up, and he will have a wrestling advantage.

I mentioned the strength of Knight, and it is a very real advantage. He is powerful and that assists him in securing takedowns and then in controlling on the mat. If the striking does not go his way early on, he can always take the fight down.

Knight is the fighter with more and better paths to a finish. He also should have the judge’s attention with the heavier strikes and has the ability to take rounds with control time.

I believe Knight’s previous opponent, Aleksa Camur is a much better fighter than Jung, and Knight scored a win over Camur. We have the wrong fighter favored in this matchup, and we will take advantage of that value.

TJ Calkins
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