Clippers vs Pelicans Predictions

13 March 2021

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Clippers vs Pelicans Pick: Pelicans +5.5

The Clippers vs Pelicans is a game you will want to watch any time these two face off. The Clippers are one of the best teams in the country while the Pelicans have one of the best young cores in the league.

While the Clippers have a lot more talent, the Pelicans have held their own against this team and they’re only getting better. These are two of the best teams in the western conference and this is a must-watch game anytime they’re on the court together. We’re here to bring you the best Pelicans vs Clippers NBA picks and predictions below.

Clippers vs Pelicans Against the Spread Pick

The Clippers vs Pelicans will be played at 9:00 PM ET in the Smoothie King Center

Why bet the Pelicans:

✅ The Clippers are missing a key piece of their team, as Patrick Beverley is set to miss this one. He puts tremendous pressure on opposing ball handlers, and the Pelicans should have more room to breathe offensively without him there.

✅ The Pelicans have the fourth best offensive rebounding percentage in the NBA. They do a great job of creating second chances for themselves, and the Clippers aren’t an elite rebounding team. Those second chances could really impact the outcome in this matchup.

✅ Los Angeles has lost four of their last five on the road this season.

The Pick: Pelicans +5.5

General Info about Clippers vs. Pelicans

Where do the Clippers play their home games?

The Clippers play their home games in the Staples Center.

Where do the Pelicans play their home games?

The Pelicans play their home games in the Smoothie King Arena.

Where can you watch the Clippers vs Pelicans?

You can tune into this game on NBA League pass nationally, or NSCA locally.

Where can you bet on the Clippers vs Pelicans?

USsportsbonus recommends BetMGM Sportsbook to get the best odds and betting options on the Pelicans vs Clippers game.

Clippers vs Pelicans Predictions

The Pelicans vs Clippers have faced off just over 60 times with the Pelicans being a relatively new NBA franchise. Even with that fact, it’s been the Pelicans who hold a slight lead in the all-time H2H matchup. With that said, the Clippers haven’t been this good in a very long time and they’ve recently taken a few games back. We’re here to bring you top of the line NBA Picks and Pelicans vs Clippers predictions. 

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Clippers vs Pelicans Against the Spread Predictions

Betting the Clippers vs Pelicans against the spread refers to betting whether one team will win or lose by a certain amount of predetermined points – know as the spread. If the Clippers are hypothetically favored by 9.5 points, they must win by 10 or more to collect on an against the spread bet. That would mean the Pelicans come in at +9.5 and a winning bet on them would require either a victory or a loss by nine or less points. 

This is the most popular method to bet the NBA, though it’s also the most challenging. It’s extremely important to do your homework as the Pelicans vs Clippers is no easy matchup to predict. That is what we are here for. To do the research so you don’t have to. You can expect Clippers vs Pelicans against the spread predictions above.

Clippers vs Pelicans Over/Under Betting

The Pelicans vs Clippers game is sure to have a rather low over/under as both of these teams play extremely slow. Betting the over/under refers to wagering whether or not the pair of teams will combine for more or less than a certain amount of points. Pace is how fast an NBA team plays, and both of these teams rank in the bottom-five. The Clippers sit at 27th while the Pelicans are tied for 25th. Neither of these teams want to speed it up and it might be a great idea to take the under. With that said, sportsbooks know this will be a slow one and we must keep an eye on the number. You can expect our best Pelicans vs Clippers over/under betting above.

Clippers vs Pelicans Moneyline Predictions

Betting the moneyline refers to whether the Clippers or Pelicans will win this game outright. While the Pelicans might hold an all-time advantage, the Clippers haven’t been this good in nearly 30 years. That means they will always be the favorite and it will cost you to bet on them to win. On the other side, a bet on the Pelicans would come in at plus-money. For example, if the Clippers are -200 favorites you would have to lay $200 on the Clippers to return $100. A $100 bet on the Pelicans to win would return $200. Betting the Clippers vs Pelicans moneyline predictions might not be the best bet, but we will certainly let you know when it is above.

Clippers vs Pelicans Odds

Of all the major sports, you might see the most line movement in the NBA. With so much news coming out just hours before the game, you never know exactly when it will move. From a betting perspective, this can either hurt or help you. If you wait for a line to change, it will either move towards or against the way you’re leaning. Don’t get too greedy waiting on line movement, but also use it to your advantage when necessary. Not only the spread will change. The spread, total, and moneyline Clippers vs Pelicans odds will all continue to adjust all the way to game time.

Live Streaming Clippers vs Pelicans

The US currently doesn’t offer any sportsbooks that you can stream NBA games through. That could always change, so make sure to keep an eye out as we will be the ones to let you know. Currently, there are a few other ways to stream online and they all have to do with a paid streaming service. Here are some of the top options for live streaming Clippers vs Pelicans game: YouTube TV, FuboTV or Hulu.

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