Clippers vs Hornets Predictions

20 March 2021

Hawks vs Raptors

Clippers vs Hornets Pick: Hornets +9.5

Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets is a matchup that is special because it doesn’t happen too often each season. With these teams being in different conferences, their games are few and far between, making them all the more exciting. In today’s NBA picks, we look at the game between the Clippers and Hornets and give you our best bet for this event.

Charlotte Hornets vs Los Angeles Clippers Betting Pick

This game will be played at 10:00 PM ET at Staples Center

Why bet the Hornets:

✅ The Los Angeles Clippers are still dealing with an injury to Patrick Beverley that will hurt them in this contest. With the Charlotte Hornets relying on the point guard play of Lamelo Ball all season, Beverley’s defense would have really helped his team here.

✅ The Charlotte Hornets have dropped their first two games of their current West coast road trip. But the first two teams they played were the Lakers and Nuggets, both of whom were able to throw great defenders at Ball. Here, the Los Angeles Clippers cannot do the same.

✅ The Clippers have lost two of their last three contests without Beverley, with those losses coming against the Pelicans and Mavericks.

The Pick: Hornets +9.5

General Info about Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets

Where do the Charlotte Hornets play their home games?

The Hornets play their home games at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Hornets have gone through a series of rebrandings in their history, going from the Hornets to the Bobcats and back to the Hornets, calling Spectrum Center home for this iteration of the club.

Where do the Los Angeles Lakers play their home games?

The Lakers play their home games at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The court at this venue is one of the top destinations in the NBA, as it is where the Lakers and Clippers play their basketball. Each season, at least one of the teams that calls this venue home is in contention to win the title.

Who are the best players for each team in this series?

In the history of Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets matchups, there have been stars on both sides. The Clippers have used all-time greats like Chris Paul. Charlotte has also had some of the best to play the game suit up in this matchup, such as Alonzo Mourning.

Can I bet on this game?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer action on events in the NBA just like this one. Bettors who want to wager on this basketball game should check their preferred sportsbook to see if odds are available. Before that, they should check the sports gambling laws in their state to make sure they can legally wager on the contest.

Hornets vs Clippers Predictions

There are several ways to make predictions on Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets contests. These sporting events can be wagered on by betting on markets like the spread, total and moneyline. There are also in-depth prop bets that can be placed depending on how creative a bettor is. Here, we will break down the main betting markets you can expect to see for this game.

Clippers vs Hornets Against the Spread Predictions

One of the most common ways to bet on Hornets vs Clippers is to wager on it against the spread. Here, the goal is to pick whether the Los Angeles Clippers or Charlotte Hornets will have more points than their opponent after the use of the point spread. The point spread is a number of points that are subtracted from the total of the favorite or added to the total of the underdog when the game is complete.

Charlotte Hornets vs Clippers Over/Under Betting

The over/under is another fun way to bet on matchups between the Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Hornets. Here, a point total is set for the game that is a projection of the combined total score of each team. Bettors can then wager on whether they think the combined score will be over or under that amount.

To bet on this market effectively, bettors need to develop a deep understanding of how each squad plays basketball. Full season stats pertaining to field goal attempts and long-range shooting can give bettors an idea of what pace each side plays the game at. Pace might be the most important factor in totals betting.

LA Clippers vs Hornets Moneyline Predictions

Betting on Hornets vs Clippers using the moneyline means that bettors have to answer one question. That question is whether the Los Angeles Clippers or Charlotte Hornets will come out on top after the final buzzer sounds. This is a market where bettors can be rewarded handsomely for picking underdogs, as their odds are more profitable than they would be against the spread.

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Hornets vs Clippers Odds

The odds for Hornets vs Clippers are set based on the stats of each side for the season heading into a game. But they can change before games start for a number of reasons. The most common of those reasons is that players can be absent from competition due to injuries or rest. Spotting those situations as early as possible can help bettors beat the odds and collect more profits.

Live Streaming Clippers vs Hornets

There are several ways to watch Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets throughout each season. Live streaming of these games is often available through streaming platforms like YouTube TV or Hulu. And NBA League Pass offers streaming of NBA games throughout the year also. Fans should check the streaming schedules of these services before the opening tip to make sure these contests can be streamed.

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