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24 March 2021

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Cavaliers vs Bulls Betting Pick: Chicago Bulls -6

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls is an Eastern Conference matchup between two lower level teams. Despite being low level, these teams have different aspirations for the close of the 2021 season.

The Bulls are a team still involved in the playoff race in the Eastern Conference and are very well within reach of the final seed. They are very close to being inside the cutoff to earn a playoff spot at end of season. The Cavaliers are certainly not playoff team in the Eastern Conference, and should already be looking to the NBA draft.

Cavaliers vs Bulls has been played over 200 times, with the split leaning moderately to the Bulls side. Recent matchups are quite similar to that of the long term history, as the Bulls have been the team coming out on top more often at a notable enough rate. History does give us a slight lean in this matchup, but current rosters and trends remain much more important factors.

You will find the best NBA picks for Cavaliers vs Bulls below.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls Betting Pick

Wednesday Night at 8PM EST at the United Center

Why bet the Bulls?

Cavs road woes remain glaring: When looking solely at record, it is easy to see the Cavaliers are poor on the road. They are one of just four teams that have lost three quarters or more of their road games. When digging to see how they have reached their 5-15 mark, it gets uglier than just the record.

The Cavaliers are dead last in the league in many key statistical categories on the road. They score 98.7 points per road game, which is easily worst in the league. That figure is an insane 3.6 points per game worse than the second worst road scoring team.

Their offensive efficiency matches their scoring output, worst in the league. Their scoring differential in road games is also worst in the league, averaging a mind blowing -13.7 differential per game. For context, only one team is within 5.7 points of that average differential. Cliff notes: the Cavs are the easiest team in the league to blow out on the road, and by a wide margin.

Bulls shocking level of consistency: In the Bulls last 16 games, they have played eight current playoff teams and eight current non playoff teams. They have gone a perfect 8-0 against the non playoff teams and an (im)perfect 0-8 against the playoff teams. Needless to say, the Cavaliers are a far cry from a team with any playoff life for this season.

This is a very actionable trend as the Bulls have shown a propensity to beat who they are supposed to and lose to who they are supposed to. In this case, they should beat the Cavaliers with ease.

Betting Pick: Bulls -6

General Info about Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Where do the Bulls play their home games?

The Bulls play their home games at United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Where do the Cavaliers play their home games?

The Cavaliers play their home games at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Where can you watch Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers?

You can watch this game on NBA League Pass.

Where can you bet on Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls?

Check out the Best Betting Sites for 2021 to get the best odds and betting options on the game.

Bulls vs Cavaliers Predictions

Bulls vs Cavaliers has been played over 200 times, with the slight edge going to the Bulls on the historical split. The more recent years have been just the same, as the Bulls continue to enjoy success. The historical split is close to a non-factor in this particular matchup. However, the recent history does carry some weight, as the Bulls are further along in their development. They also have a bona fide star in Zach LaVine that the Cavaliers lack.

The Bulls carry the better roster, and they are the team that has enjoyed more success in 2021. That is far more important than historical splits in this matchup against the Cavaliers. History is just one indicator and it is just a small piece of the puzzle to look at for best predictions on Bulls vs Cavaliers.

Check the Cavaliers vs Bulls predictions above for this game’s best betting pick.

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Cavaliers vs Bulls Against the Spread Predictions

Cavaliers vs Bulls against the spread predictions refer to whether the Cavaliers or Bulls win or lose by the necessary points to cover the spread. The spread is a set number of points the favorite needs to win by or the underdog needs to lose by less than to be considered a wagering winner.

For a hypothetical line, we will use the Chicago Bulls -6. This means a wager on the Bulls would require them to win by more than six points to be considered a winner. A wager on the Cleveland Cavaliers, at +6, would require them to either win the game outright or to lose by fewer than six points to have a wager be considered a winner.

Check above for the best Bulls vs Cavaliers against the spread predictions.

Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers Over/Under Betting

Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers Over/Under betting is a way of wagering on the contest without needing to pick the team that wins the game. Instead, these wagers are against a set total of combined points in the game.

For a hypothetical example, we will use a total set at 215.5 points. Over/Under wagers on this Cavaliers vs Bulls contest are betting over or under 215.5 combined points for the two teams.

There are many factors you should consider when diving into Over/Under wagering. These factors include pace (expected possessions per game), offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency.

Knowing which teams play faster and slower, and which teams play with a higher and lower level of efficiency at each end of the floor is a large edge when over/under wagering.

See above if there is a best Over/Under play for Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls Moneyline Predictions

Money Line wagering on NBA is a fun way to bet on one team or the other, while taking the point spread completely out of play in terms of the wager.

Instead of laying or taking the points on the point spread, you can lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the underdog to simply win the game outright. If you are looking towager on a game using the best Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls Money Line predictions, a Money Line wager is worth considering. This will allow you to pick the winner while avoiding the pesky point spread.

For an example of how a Money Line wager differs from an against the spread wager, we will use our Bulls -6 hypothetical example from above. Instead of the standard -110 odds on an against the spread bet, you can bet on the Bulls to simply win outright while laying odds. You can bet on the Cavaliers to win the game outright while getting odds.

In our hypothetical, we would expect to have to lay about -230 on the Bulls and expect to get about +190 on the Cavaliers.

With the all time series being played to a moderate edge on the Bulls side, history might slightly help as a determining factor on a money line wager in this instance. However, history is just one piece of the puzzle and all other factors need to be considered. The current season’s trends side with the Chicago Bulls while recent history also favors the Chicago Bulls. All of the above are helpful indicators and should be considered in terms of a betting selection, but history should not be weighted too heavily.

There are hours of research required for successful NBA predictions, and we are here to provide that for you, with a conclusion summed up and bottom lined.

Check above for a synopsis and who to play in this Cavaliers vs Bulls matchup.

Bulls vs Cavaliers Odds

The NBA carries quite fluid odds in comparison to the other major sports in the United States. We often see a slow release of odds and we see against the spread, over/under and money line odds all fluctuate, often rapidly throughout a given day leading up to tipoff. The Cavaliers vs Bulls regular season matchup won’t draw a massive betting market from the general public, so just a handful of large wagers could move the lines significantly in one direction or the other.

Live Streaming Cavaliers vs Bulls

We lack sports books in the United States that offer streaming of NBA games at this time. This will likelychange in the future, but for now we are without that option. We are still required to turn to paid streaming services that might have the game you are looking for. For live streaming Cavaliers vs Bulls you are limited to YouTubeTV, FuboTV, Hulu, and of course the always reliable NBA League Pass.

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