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DraftKings 09-13-2019

Numbers are out for August – New Jersey sports betting update

The revenue numbers for online sports betting in New Jersey are out for August and they are interesting. Why? Because someone is fighting back. Who is the winner of August? DraftKings!!! Coming from depressing numbers in July they made quite a comeback and took back most of their market share loss from June to July. […]

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FanDuel 08-27-2019

FanDuel now live in West Virginia

It’s finally live, the Fanduel Sportsbook App in West Virginia. Their land-based partner The Greenbrier private casino resort in SulphurSprings. It’s the first out of two retails sportsbooks in the Mountain State that is now available online for sports betting. Dr. Jill Justice, President, The Greenbrier comments in a press release: “We are incredibly excited […]

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Baseball 08-20-2019

FanDuel to become MLB’s official gaming partner

US dominants Fanduel has struck a deal with Major League Baseball making them the official gambling partner to MLB. The deal runs over several years and give Fanduel the right to use team and league logos across FanDuels online and retails sportsbook locations. On top of this FanDuel will now get access to the league’s […]

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FanDuel 08-01-2019

FanDuel expected to continue their winning streak

FanDuel Sportsbook has taken the New Jersey gambling market by storm and is by far the market leader in the Garden State. They are now expanding their business into Pennsylvania. DraftKings who was the first and initially the most succesful sportsbook in New Jersey has in 2019 been overtaken by FanDuel and there is no […]

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