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Martin Evergreen NHL Expert Predictions at USsportsbonus
Betting Picks 09-17-2020

NHL Thursday (10/17) night Single

Game 6 in the one remaining semifinal of the Stanley Cup playoff – Tamba Bay Lightning are up 3-2 in the series against New York Islanders and my prediction is that the Lightning will qualify for the final tonight. The Islanders won 2-1 on Tuesday but in that game and the overall five games, the […]

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Bet365 09-16-2020

NHL Early Payout Offer at Bet365

Get your bets paid out if the team you back gains a 3 goal advantage With the NHL season in full swing, Bet365 has an exciting promotion for all those who make a beeline for their 2-way money line market. It is for all seasoned gamblers as well as beginners in sports betting where they […]

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Baseball 06-22-2020

NBA, MLB, NHL and more sports schedule updates

The sports season calendar of 2020 has been drastically moved around due to Covid-19. European soccer leagues have slowly started to open up and there is light at the end of the tunnel for other sports as well in the US and the rest of the world. We cannot wait to provide you more betting […]

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Ice hockey goalie Martin Brodeur guards the New Jersey Devils goal
Basketball 01-22-2020

All You Need To Know About How Injuries Affect Point Spreads

Very few professional athletes go through their careers without sustaining at least one injury that prevents them from playing. In fact, injuries have cut many careers short. You’ve probably heard the phrase “next man up”, which essentially means that there is always another player ready to fill in for a fallen teammate. How an Injury […]

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