Brewers vs Cardinals Predictions

April 10, 2021

Cardinals vs Brewers Pick: Cardinals to win -120

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The St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers are both in the NL East and this is going to be a phenomenal series between two teams that have intentions to win this division. Neither team will give an inch here, and they don’t really like each other all that much either. We are here to bring you top-of-the-line Cardinals vs Brewers predictions for not only the moneyline, but run line and over/under as well.

Let’s dive into how this game will go down and who will end up covering the spread. This is sure to be a phenomenal game and you will want to profit while tuning in.

Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis Cardinals Betting Pick

Pick: Cardinals to win -120

This game will take place at 2:15 PM ET in Busch Stadium on Sunday, April 11th

Why bet the Cardinals to win -120?

📣 Brett Anderson (L) vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon (R)

✅ The Milwaukee Brewers took yesterday’s game by a score of 9-5 as these two offenses both put up solid numbers. The Brewers were always in control of the game, however, and I think the Cardinals look to get off to a quick start in this one. They’re also built to mash left-handed pitching, and we will get to that in a second. Let’s first take a look at SP Daniel Ponce de Leon and who he will have to slow down.

✅ Ponce de Leon is a bit of an old youngster, playing his second full season in the pros at 29 years old. That’s why we kind of know what to expect out of the big guy. He’s a menace against lefties, holding them to a .251 wOBA with just four homers in over 50 innings. This is a guy with reverse splits and he should give the Brewers lefties problems. Their best bats also come on the left side with Christian Yelich and Travis Shaw, so I think Ponce de Leon can at least slow this hot lineup down.

✅ The Cardinals will face off with Brett Anderson, who’s a lefty on the wrong side of his career. He’s not very good against righties (.341 wOBA allowed since ’19) and will face a gauntlet of deadly ones in this Cards lineup. Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado are two of the best bats in baseball against the lefties, and Paul DeJong and Tyler O’Neill have a ton of power against them as well. Look for the Cardinals to hit a home run or three before this game is over.

✅ The Milwaukee Brewers are 1-6 in their last 7 Sunday games.

✅ The St. Louis Cardinals are 4-0 in their last 4 games vs. a starter with a WHIP less than 1.15.

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Rated 5 stars out of 5
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General Info about Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis Cardinals

Where do the St. Louis Cardinals play their home games?

The Cardinals play their home games in Busch Stadium.

Where do the Milwaukee Brewers play their home games?

The Brewers play their home games in American Family Feud.

Where can you watch the Cardinals vs Brewers?

You can watch this game nationally on MLB.TV or a paid streaming site.

Where can you bet on Brewers vs Cardinals?

Check out the Best Betting Sites for 2021 to get the best odds and betting options on this game.

St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers Predictions

With the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals both in the NL East, they play 19 times per season at the very least. In turn, these two teams have played nearly 400 times with the Cardinals holding a comfortable all-time advantage. They’ve won close to 60% of the series and are 8-5 against the Brewers in the playoffs.

With all of that being said, all history is thrown out the window when these teams get on the field here. Both the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals can win this game and the first game of the series is always one teams want to win.

We are here to bring you the best possible predictions for not only the run line, but moneyline and over/under as well. Make sure you don’t miss out on the best Brewers vs Cardinals predictions in the industry above.

Brewers vs Cardinals Run Line Predictions

If you’re unfamiliar to sports betting in the states, betting the run line is a unique bet to baseball. It’s the only sport that uses runs, so I sure hope it’s an exclusive type of wager. Adding a run line to an MLB game adds a bit of a spread, allowing you to make a wager on an alternate line. This line is almost always (-1.5) and (+1.5), but can be higher if a team is favored by a massive amount.

For example, let’s say the Milwaukee Brewers are favored in this game over the St. Louis Cardinals. On the run line, the Brewers would receive a (-1.5) and would have to win by two or more runs for a successful wager. The Cardinals would in turn hold a (+1.5) and a wager on them would require either a victory by any margin or a loss by a single run.

Make sure to check out the Brewers vs Cardinals run line predictions above as we will let you know if this is a bet even worth considering. This isn’t always a bet to make, so you’ll want to tune in.

St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers Over/Under Betting

When you aren’t sure whether the St. Louis Cardinals or Milwaukee Brewers will win the game, you can elect to bet on the total. Betting the over/under comes down to picking whether these two teams will combine for more or less than a certain amount of runs. This number is based on many factors, including the pitchers, weather, and ballpark.

Using a similar example as above, let’s say the over/under here for the Cardinals vs Brewers game is set to 8.5 runs. A wager on the over would call for the two teams to score nine or more total runs while a bet on the under would ask for eight or fewer total runs scored.

We will have you covered when it comes to betting the Cardinals vs Brewers over/under. Make sure to check out the St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers over/under betting predictions above to know if this is a bet worth locking in or not.

Cardinals vs Brewers Moneyline Predictions

The simplest bet of all is sometimes the most popular one to make in the MLB. It all comes down to how heavily favored one team is over the other. When one team is a heavy favorite, bettors are more likely to favor the run line. When the line is close, the moneyline is the popular wager to make.

We will say the St. Louis Cardinals are favored here and we will hypothetically say by (-165). That would indicate you must pay $165 to win $100 on a winning bet. The Brewers would be (+150) in turn and that number tells you how much you will return on a $100 winning bet.

You can be sure we will have you covered with the best Cardinals vs Brewers moneyline predictions in the business, all for free. This is going to be a phenomenal game and either team can win it. We are here to make sure you profit while tuning into a spectacular game.

Brewers vs Cardinals Odds

Compared to other sports in the states, MLB odds don’t jump around too much. You will most often see just slight line movement as action comes in heavier on one side than the other. With that being said, there are still times where we see drastic line movement. If a starting pitcher or key hitter or two is scratched, you will see noticeable movement on the moneyline and over/under.

The odds used above are just hypothetical, so make sure you check out the legitimate Brewers vs Cardinals Odds and predictions above to find the current ones. We will have you covered from every angle, so don’t worry about which bet you should lock in.

Live Streaming Cardinals vs Brewers

The United States currently doesn’t offer any live streaming options when it comes to the MLB and sportsbooks. However, it’s only a matter of time until things change as the legal landscape of sports betting in the states is under constant progress. We will be the first ones to let you know when things change, so keep your eyes peeled.

For now, you have a couple of different options for live streaming the Cardinals vs Brewers game. The easiest of which is MLB.TV, which will allow you to watch every game from across the league. You can also sign up for a paid streaming site, which will let you watch more than just baseball. just be sure to add on the MLB.TV package.

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