Bettor turns $20 into $579,020 on NFL Conference Championships on Sunday

February 1, 2022

One bettor, who goes by @jetthonig_ as an Instagram handle, turned a $20 bet into $579,020 after correctly predicting the final scores of the two NFL conference championship games.

The user, who identified himself as Jett Honig, placed the bet on the 49ers vs. Rams and the Bengals vs. Chiefs. The user utilized the $20 site credit to make those two bets.

The odds that the user was able to predict the correct outcome of the match between the Chiefs and the Bengals were +22000. Meanwhile, the odds for the NFC game were +13000. Since Jett guessed both games correctly, he had a parlay of +2895000 odds, making the way for the enormous payout.

How the games go

The game between the Chiefs and Bengals was tied at 24-24 after four quarters. The fans were expecting the Chiefs to score again after winning the coin toss to start the overtime. However, the Bengals intercepted Mahomes' ball and moved the ball forward into the field goal range. The game ended with a field goal by kicker Evan McPherson. The final score for the AFC Championship is 27-24.

After the user was able to predict the AFC game score, his hopes for the other one were likely boosted after the underdog Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Chiefs. The hope of getting another correct guess turned into optimism when the Los Angeles Rams scored a field goal with less than two minutes on the clock to take a 20-17 lead over the San Francisco 49ers.

After seeing Jimmy Garoppolo's interception during the last minutes of the match against the LA Rams, Honig must be relieved to learn that his final score bet might come through. Since the Rams held the ball with a lead, they just needed to run down the clock to advance to the Super Bowl, and they did just that.

The bet is real

Many people speculate that the bets were not real. However, Darren Rovell, a business analyst, came to confirm that the bet was real.

"The greatest bet of all time has been CONFIRMED. @FDSportsbook confirms this 29,000 to 1 long shot correct score parlay has hit and has been paid. The customer placed it with a $20 site credit." Rovell tweeted to confirm the authenticity of the bet.

Honig's Instagram account has gained a following of over 3,500 individuals, including Noah Schnapp, who plays a character in the Netflix series "Stranger Things."

Honig seems to be a man of mystery. The only response that the user could come up with after his massive win was a simple caption that simply stated, "tuff." Honig was probably just celebrating instead of worrying about the sudden increase in followers and exposure.

Other than Honig's massive win, two more people were able to predict the correct scores of the two conference games. Each of them get $145,000 and $58,000. They did not get as much as Honig because they only put $5 and $2 each on the line.

Betting on the Super Bowl Final

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